Tour of the Harn Museum By: Darby Townsend

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: This artwork is called "Zandvoort", by Frank Stella, and the medium he used to complete this work was magnesium. This artwork was created to simulate the winding look and high energy feelings of a race car track. What I liked about this work of art was how it literally pops out at you and has so many different layers to it. It is not just artwork on one flat painting, but has many different looks from different angles of looking at it. This piece of artwork communicated a sense of brightness and busyness, which is similar to my life is like, so it is relatable to my life experiences. It gives me a sense of curiosity and excitement because I can discover new aspects about the artwork that I did not notice before, so it will not become boring and dull.(Stella, 1981)
Design of the Museum: I find the zen garden wing of the museum to be very visually appealing. There are so many elements, such as the rocks and the trees, that are arranged in a way that is so organized that it gives off a calming affect. I also appreciate the different curved lines in the pebbles surrounding each of the rocks and plants in the garden how they start out as different circles around objects, but they all fit together. Looking at this garden allows my mind to focus on the details of the garden, which allows me to become relaxed and calm and forget about the worries I have going on in my life at the time. I can sit and ponder questions about life or myself that I don't usually think about because I have to focus on all the events and studying I have to do on a regular basis. This exhibit allows me to have a form of catharsis that is helpful every once and a while when I become overwhelmed with the routines of my daily life. (The designer of this Garden is Hoichi Kurisu and the weekly raking is done by Martin McKellar.)
Art and Core Values: "Motion Picture (Times Square)" by Yvonne Jaquette shows a section of Times square, in New York City, at night time, with cars driving by. The painting also includes someone changing the sign of a theater. This painting is special to me because it depicts my favorite part of one of my favorite cities in the world. I have grown up loving music and theater, and started loving Broadway musicals because of my middle/high school. Musicals not only function as a play that tells the story, but also includes singing and dancing which really gets people excited throughout the story and helps characters better portray their feelings than if they were just speaking. When I went to New York City and saw my first musical on Broadway, I not only loved the performance, but the atmosphere around the theater made the experience even more exciting. When I saw this painting, I think about how exciting musicals are and how my experience at a Broadway theater was so joyful and stress relieving. This painting brings back all of these memories of the excitement of the theater and around Times Square where there are so many wonderful things to do and see and with the visitors being excited for the next adventure the city brings to them. This depiction of New York City reminds me of how wonderful the performing arts can be on audience members of these shows and allows people to have an exciting outlet to the stress of their everyday lives. Without the theater, many people would not be quite as happy with their lives, which do not live up to their expectations of a good life. (Jaquette, 1990)
Art and the Good Life: The Good life theme shown in this piece of artwork is "Fighting for the Good Life". This example of artwork shows females fighting to be treated equally with men. The females who made this art , the Guerilla Girls, were a group of women artists whose purpose was to allow women artists to be treated fairly and have their artwork shown as much as male artists' work was shown. They created posters and billboards to show the struggles women artists were going through. The example above discusses how women are the subjects in most nude artwork, but a small amount of women artists actually have there work shown in museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Guerilla Girls also wore gorilla masks to disguise their identity to focus on the issues they discussed rather than who the women were. This artwork allows me to appreciate "Fighting for the Good Life" because these women are standing up for what they believe in a way that is forcing people to pay attention to these issues, but are not letting their frustration make them become violent towards others. They show how civil disobedience can help people understand issues that certain groups are going through and allow society to find ways to address and fix them. (Guerrilla Girls, 2012) (The title of this piece is: "Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum?")

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