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Highland Spas and the McEwen Story

Highland Spas is a division of McEwen Industries, a family owned company that has been a leader in the swimming pool industry since 1991. Our success is rooted in our passion to consistently provide the very best in quality and value through your local professional pool and spa retailer.

To ensure a great experience, everything about our Highland Spas is designed from the ground up to exceed your family’s expectations in terms of quality and style, and to provide many years of comfort and enjoyment.

Your dealer will also assist in all stages of your purchase, from selection to offering professional installation and service. With their support, you will find the perfect spa for your home, budget and backyard oasis.

Highland Spas come standard with a variety of high polish 304 Stainless Steel Jets that are not only powerful, but adjustable and interchangeable as well!

Stainless Steel Jets

Alder Spa

Seats 2-3 People

36 Hydrotherapy Jets

The Alder Spa offers comfortable seating, exceptionally powerful hydrotherapy jets and a sleek style usually reserved for much larger spas but in a compact and elegant form. Come on in and relax, get a full body massage or just soak and enjoy the hot water in your luxurious Alder Spa.

Solway Spa

Seats 4-5 People

46 Hydrotherapy Jets

The Solway Spa offers premium quality, comfortable seating, a luxury lounge and exceptionally powerful hydrotherapy jets; all while being ergonomically designed for the best full-body hydrotherapy imaginable. The Solway also fits through a standard 36″ door, which is perfect for easy installation in a sunroom or porch.

Glenmore Spa

Seats 5-6 People

52 Hydrotherapy Jets

The Glenmore Spa offers outstanding quality, powerful hydrotherapy jets, ergonomically designed open-bench seating, and the best, full-body hydrotherapy possible. The Glenmore also fits through a standard 36″ door, which is perfect for easy installation in a sunroom or porch.

Caledonian Spa

Seats 4-5 People

50 Hydrotherapy Jets

The CALEDONIAN offers premium quality, comfortable seating and a relaxing luxury lounge. The design is open and the new filter housing is made for easy filter replacement.

Deveron Spa

Seats 4 People

54 Hydrotherapy Jets

The DEVERON Spa is built for luxury lounge lovers. This spa features two luxury lounges and a hot seat for complete hydrotherapy relaxation. The Deveron offers superior quality and ease of use.

Carron Spa

Seats 6 People

47 Hydrotherapy Jets

The CARRON Spa is the ultimate open concept design in our lineup. With four differently designed hot seats, you are bound to find a seat that is perfect for your hydrotherapy session.

Galloway Spa

Seats 6-7 People

58 Hydrotherapy Jets

The Galloway Spa will pleasantly surprise with its power, performance and comfort; all while offering an exceptional hydrotherapy massage for your entire body. It features a love seat, luxury recliner and the ability to customize your massage to your exact preferences.

Armadale Spa

Seats 6 People

71 Hydrotherapy Jets

With the Armadale Spa, you will love the “His and Her” lounger, love seat, walk in steps and foot dome. It has the power and performance you need to ensure you will have an outstanding hydrotherapy massage.

Hallandale Spa

Seats 7 People

62 Hydrotherapy Jets

The HALLANDALE Spa has the power and layout for ultimate comfort and performance. The spa features 3 5HP pumps that will provide the greatest hydrotherapy power.

Nevis Spa

Seats 7 People

88 Hydrotherapy Jets

Quality, performance and elegance are just a few of the words that describe the NEVIS Spa. You will find the NEVIS loaded with a wide variety of powerful jets, 360 degree foot massage, neck massage collar, waterfalls and plenty of seats for everyone.

Fun & Fitness Spa

Seats 12-13 People

52 Hydrotherapy Jets

The FUN & FITNESS SPA is a combination of a swim spa and a large portable spa. It is designed to allow you to work on your exercise routines, such as rowing and swimming, while allowing you to have a 12 person seated hot tub at the same time.

Acrylic Color Options

Cabinet Color Options

Coastal Grey



Galvanized Steel Frame

Galvanized steel is the ideal choice for spa frame construction due to its strength and durability. It is also relatively lightweight compared to alternatives like wood frames and will not warp or decay. It also provides better protection from the elements than the powder coated steel frames, which may be thinner and less durable. Taking this into consideration, you can see why we are proud to offer our Galvanized Steel Frame and it is backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Poly-Techtron ABS Foundation and Drain

Every Highland Spa is made with our exclusive ½” thick, Poly-Techtron, ABS foundation. The heavy duty resin sheet provides a molded foundation for your spa that allows it to fit together with unmatched precision. Our Poly-Techtron ABS foundation also helps to absorb vibration, prevent access to moisture and pests, and provide easy access to your spa. In addition, it has a built in, specially drain that allows for 98% of all water to easily drain from the spa.

Acrylic Shell and Energy Efficiency

The spa shell is the most expensive part of your spa and it is the one part that can not be replaced. The integrity of the shell is one of the most important aspects of your purchase. In 2007, we introduced our exclusive Zincronite acrylic shell reinforcement, which provides the best solution available in the industry.

The shell has four parts: the acrylic skin, a bonding agent, a reinforcing compound and foam insulation. The industry standard is to reinforce the acrylic skin with fiberglass; however, this process can be subject to delamination and warping. Some spa manufacturers address this by using a thicker layer of fiberglass, which helps, but there is still a risk of delamination from the acrylic skin.

Zincronite is a proprietary blend of acrylic bond sprays that is dramatically stronger than fiberglass and creates a permanent bond to the spa’s acrylic skin. Zincronite offers unmatched strength, durability and longevity. To ensure we protect your investment, we use not one but two layers of Zincronite so you can have a beautiful spa you will be proud to own for many years.

All Highland Spas come with our Thermal-Lock cabinets which are designed to be as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, creating the perfect balance between convenience and energy efficiency. Our cabinets provide easy access to the spa components and ensure your spa will only cost pennies a day to operate

Bluetooth Audio Gear Stereo

Meeting the expectations of the most demanding audiophile, our Poly-Planar stereo uses a revolutionary technology that gives full detail, deep lows, breath-taking highs and unmatched dynamic sound with a deep and dynamic range of complex overtones.

The Poly-Planar marine grade speakers, along with our integrated Bluetooth technology, are the perfect audio solution for the spa environment. Our speakers are sealed to repel any moisture and the integrated, state of the art sound system incorporates Bluetooth technology, offering you the ability to stream your music wirelessly from up to 30 feet away.

Spectraglo Color Therapy LED Lighting

Highland Spas come standard with our Spectraglo Color Therapy LED Lighting. These lights are brighter, last longer, and are more energy efficient than traditional lighting systems. The perimeter lighting and the floor lighting change colors in sync on ALL of our spas giving you a rainbow of color options to match your preference and mood. Spectraglo Color Therapy LED Lighting is a powerful tool to help relax the mind and body.

Water Care System

Filters and Shields

All Highland Spas come standard with either 50 or 100 square feet of cartridge filtration. Our system filters particles down to 5 microns and can be easily cleaned in minutes. Our attractive filter cover is easily removable and compact in design. It aids the filtration process by trapping particles and oils and preventing them that from escaping back into the spa.

Ozone Sanitation System

Ozone has been used to sanitize water in various industries for over 100 years. It is an oxygen based natural sanitizer that operates maintenance free and costs only pennies a day to run. There are no mechanical parts or bulbs to wear out, giving you the dependability and water quality you expect.

Relax In A Highland Spa!

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