Holy Week Allen Hopson

On palm sunday Jesus he washed the feet.

He died on the cross.

Jesus rode a donckey,

they had a party.

They ate bread and drank wine

Jesus washed the feet

He died

They cry

They prayed

Then it was easter


Created with images by onefox - "chicks spring chicken" • Didgeman - "cross crucifixion good friday" • herbert2512 - "sheep lamb meadow" • Waiting For The Word - "Palm Sunday 10" • Gilbert-Noël Sfeir Mont-Liban - "Holy Thursday • Visiting the 7 Churches" • kmckaskle - "communion wafers christianity" • suc - "washing cleaning feet" • strecosa - "cross allgäu behind stone" • TaniaVdB - "baby tears small child" • waldryano - "woman praying prayer faith" • congerdesign - "chicks animal fluffy"

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