Journey Log Final Reflection By: Tyler Kendrick

At the beginning of the year, I figured that Journey Logs would be like every other weekly journal that I've done. I have had a weekly journal for Bio 1 and 2 and let me tell you, it is not fun. Trying to type everything you've learned in one week into a blog is harder than it looks (especially when you don't understand anything). So I started the semester thinking that I would hate the journey logs. But, it turns out that they were not half bad.

The four most important habits of mind are openness, persistence, flexibility, and creativity.

This picture is literally open. Open can be used as many different things but openness is a very important life skill that will lead to a happier life.

Openness is one of the most important habits of mind because if you are not open to learning new things, you will not grow as a person. I take this one very personally in all aspects of life because you need to be open to new things and people because if you don't you will not grow as a person. This is very important in many different aspects in English class specifically. I never would have imagined to enjoy a class that has gaming as its main focus, but by keeping an open mind, I learned to enjoy it.

This is a picture of a book because I need to be persistent with my work as a whole over the entire semester.

The next habit of mind (persistence) is also very important because you need to be persistent with the quality of work you do. You need to continue to do good with all the work and do not slack throughout the year. This was very hard for me because as the semester went on the more work I would have and the quality would start to slip slowly. This is very important to learn because if you do half ass work, you're going to get half ass grades. This also was a problem for me because I was the walking dead almost the entire semester (basically since middle of February). This is the habit of mind that I will learn to have more and more over the next few semesters and will continue to strengthen to help better me as a student.

This picture is a fun picture of showing flexibility. it is literal flexible but the habit of mind is figuratively. Flexibility is very important as a life skill.

The next habit of mind that is extremely important is flexibility. Flexibility is really important in many aspects of college as a whole. You need to be flexible with your schedule basically at all times because you never know when you'll get extra assignments or have social things to do. Flexibility is used in this class by having to redo assignments. For example, having to redo the research paper. I am not a strong writer in any way so getting a bad grade was not that shocking, even though I put SO much work into the paper. I think the main purpose of flexibility is to help you gain that trait as a person. A person that is flexible will be way more successful and get more done because they are not stuck in their ways.

This show creativity because it is splatter art and you can be creative and see different things in the art. You can also be creative why the artist did this the way he did.

The last habit of mind that I find extremely important for this class is creativity. Creativity is one that I have learned to use to my full ability. I am not a very creative person, extremely when it comes to Minecraft. I am not a huge minecraft person and I hated that I had to use it in class because it definitely is not my strong point. I learned how to be creative through it though. I honestly do not know anyone that is worse at minecraft then I am. However, minecraft was still fun to use in class because it made it more enjoyable then just writing papers. Creativity is something that you will use for the rest of your life in any situation. It is really important to have and increasing your creativity is very important.

In my past habit of minds, the main trend is me beginning to enjoy the course more and more. I am not an english/writer/gamer type of person, so I was dreading this class. It turns out that I begin to enjoy it more and more over the weeks and that showed in my journey logs. I started out thinking that there was no hope in increasing my writing skills or increasing creativeness. I honestly thought that I had no hope in this class and that I would struggle and hate it but it's actually been the opposite. As a teacher, you criticized my work but not in a way that it would change my writing style. The past English teachers that I have had have changed my writing style to their own. After changing it multiple times and struggling to change to make the better grades, I finally get a professor that doesn't make me change and lets me write how i want. I really enjoyed being able to just write whatever the fuck I wanted. This made me enjoy the class a lot more too.

Overall, the course was very fun! I loved getting to play games in class because it was a good mental break from the stressful life of a college student. The minecraft was a new experience that you have to adapt too and eventually you'll enjoy it. I only enjoyed it because I could see how much I progressed while playing it. I will probably never play minecraft again but I think it was a very good teaching strategy. The class improved my writing skills without even seeming like it did. I would most definitely take this class again!


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