Spring Break Logan Bodiford

I needed at break. The constant beating and mental strain of school was killing me. I needed to blow off steam, and actually have some free time. I needed to get wild, dirty, and a little stupid. For me, this meant I was going to mountain bike and fly fish for a strait week. Mountain biking and fly fishing are the two things that keep me sane. They are my identity, without them I would not know who I am.

So what better place than Asheville North Carolina to spend my spring break. Asheville is the mountain bike and fly fish mecca in the southeast. The plan was to camp for a week in pisgah national forest which harbors some the best mountain bike trails and trout streams in the U.S.A. I was going up with both of my roommates which are both on the Clemson Cycling Team with me.

After camp was build we went on first ride. After only an hour in we turned a corner an came up on a bear. This bear was easily 600 pounds. This bear was clearly acting aggressive and wanted us out of his territory. However, this was my spring break and I wanted to keep riding this trail. So I slowly and methodically put my bike down and squared up to the bear. After 5 minutes of a starring contest I charged the animal. After a brief fight I had a beautiful fur coat.

After the ride was over and we were at camp, I decided to go fly fishing. Our camp was on the head waters of the Davidson river. This river is known as on of the best trout streams in the Southeast. As I walked down to the river I spotted a trout rising to mayflies. I slowly crouched and log rolled to a casting position. After several false cast I placed the fly in the perfect position right above the trout. Blah Blah Blah...alcohol.....Blah....police......got arrested


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