Game of Thrones Predictions and Season 8 Theories from New York Athletes Answers compiled by Steve Gelbs, Anthony McCarron, Scott Charles and Anthony Puccio | Photo illustrations by Danny Rivera and Chris Chandler

Who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne?

Luke Voit: It could be a curveball. It could be Sansa Stark, too.

Clint Frazier: Jon bent the knee to Khaleesi, right? So I don’t know if there’s going to be some kind of twist where he ends up sitting on the throne.

Zack Britton: I want Jon to be on the Iron Throne, but I’m not sure that it will happen.

CC Sabathia: What if it’s Tyrion? I could see that happening. That would be like a crazy twist. People wouldn’t see that coming, but I think people would be fine with it.

Spencer Dinwiddie: I’m rolling with Jon Snow. Definitely Jon Snow.

Jared Dudley: Queen Cersei. She’s my savior.

Kevin Shattenkirk: Jon Snow.

Marc Staal: Jon Snow.

Noah Syndergaard: Samwell Tarly.

Brady Skjei: Khaleesi.

Michael Conforto: (Jon and Daenerys) is what I’m hoping for, but I’m seriously doubting it’s going to happen. I think one of them is going to be out. I don’t know if they’d kill off Jon again. I think it might be Daenerys. To have them be on the throne is too obvious.

Seth Lugo: I don’t see a twist here. I think Jon Snow and Daenerys are going to get married and Jon Snow will be on the Iron Throne. Jon Snow is the last of the Stark blood, as far as males, so I think he’ll be on the Iron Throne with Daenerys.

Who do you think survives?

Clint Frazier: I’m really hoping that Tormund makes it, the redhead, because I feel like I’ve got to pull for him. I like Tyrion, man. I feel like a lot of people are going to make it, because they are kind of coming together in the end. But if Tyrion, Khaleesi or Jon Snow, something happens to them, I’m going to be distraught. I’m going to be upset.

Zack Britton: I do believe Jon will survive at the end, but maybe as an outcast again. I’m not sure. That’s the thing about the show. They can go any direction.

Varys, I don’t want him to get killed off. He’s going to manipulate his way in with whoever takes over. There are certain people on the show who are survivors, no matter what. And then there’s people you can see doing something dumb and getting killed

CC Sabathia: (Jon Snow, Khaleesi and Tyrion) for sure. Cersei, she’s definitely going to make it, too. I think she makes it, somehow. She’s too evil to die – she should’ve been dead already, a couple of times.

Spencer Dinwiddie: I mean, I’m throwing Jon Snow on the Iron Throne, I gotta go roll with him.

Jared Dudley: To me, Jon Snow ... because they brought him back from the dead!

Kevin Shattenkirk: My dark horse is Bran.

Marc Staal: Cersei.

Brady Skjei: Jon Snow.

Noah Syndergaard: Not very many people. I think it's a tendency for the producers and creator to kill off some of our favorites.... I'm optimistic (that Jon Snow survives).

Michael Conforto: I feel like there’s going to be another Stark that goes down. I hope it’s not Arya. There’s a chance she could be the one who survives it all. She’s got all the training and she’s pretty strong-willed. I’m rooting for her out of all of them.

Seth Lugo: I think Tyrion is the only one of the Lannisters who survives. I think that’s it for the Starks. I think they have to live. Well, Bran could die if they don’t need the Three-Eyed Raven. If they need him, he’ll live, but I’m not sure where that is going. I think the Starks are going to be set with Sansa and Arya, I think they’re going to make it.

Who do you think dies?

Luke Voit: I think the Hound is going to play an important role, but eventually die, because everyone already thought he did die…. I can see Jaime dying. It’s going to be key people. I can see one of the Starks dying. I can see Bran playing an important role, but I feel like he’s close to dying, too. But he could be king, too. You never see him and then he pops up in an episode. Maybe Jon Snow dies and he becomes king.

Clint Frazier: I think both Cersei and Jaime are done…. The Night King’s gotta go. He has to. He’s going to go. It’s tough, but with all the dragonglass they’ve gotten, Khaleesi still has two dragons. I’m just speculating at this point. I think Cersei is done. Jaime Lannister is done. I really hope that the Hound makes it. I think he’ll make it.

Zack Britton: I do think Jaime dies. Cersei, Jaime, I feel like they’re all gone. It would stink, but I think Dany and her dragons, done. White Walkers, they’ve got a dragon. I don’t want it to happen, but I think that’s how it’s going to happen.

CC Sabathia: For sure (Jaime Lannister), dies. And I think Brienne dies, too. I think somehow she’s going to end up dead, but doing something heroic. I think the Stark girls live, though. But I don’t know, because it’s going to be crazy. I’m so ready for the show.

Spencer Dinwiddie: [Jon Snow's] little brother. His little brother’s gonna die. I think Khaleesi is gonna die too, the Mother of Dragons.

Jared Dudley: Khaleesi.

Kevin Shattenkirk: Arya.

Marc Staal: Everyone but Cersei.

Brady Skjei: Young girl, daughter of (Ned) Stark, (Arya).

Noah Syndergaard: The Mountain, for sure, he needs to die. And maybe both of the brothers, the Hound and the Mountain die. I feel like there's gotta be somebody we're rooting for and somebody we're not.

Michael Conforto: Cersei is the last character that they’ve been so good at making you hate. There was Joffrey and the Bolton guy, and Cersei the whole time has been pretty evil. I’d say hopefully she’s out.

Seth Lugo: I think Jaime and Cersei both die. I just feel like they kind of have to, you know? They’ve been evil the whole time. And then George R.R. Martin makes everyone like Jaime in the third and fourth seasons, so now fans like him. But he’s got to die now.

"I am all-in on this show. I’m jealous of guys like Ed Sheeran who have gone on the show – I would’ve loved to have made a cameo of some sort. I’ve been trying to post some stuff about it to see if it gets any traction." ~Clint Frazier

Who do you want on the Iron Throne?

Luke Voit: Jon Snow and Khaleesi.

Clint Frazier: Look, as much as the White Walkers are such a cool part of the show, I don’t want to see that. The (Night King) doesn’t even talk. I’d like him to go down. I don’t know if they can share the throne, but I would like to see Khaleesi and Jon Snow sit on it together. I think it’s all rounded out for them to do it together. They both show signs of doing a lot of good in the time they’ve been in the show, so I’d like to see them finish on top.

Zack Britton: I’d like to see Jon Snow. That’d be a nice little twist. He’s been through a lot, so that would be nice.

CC Sabathia: I want to see Jon Snow and Khaleesi. I just feel like they’ve been through a lot, man. Those two, out of everybody, I feel like deserve to win at the end.

Jared Dudley: Queen (Cersei). I told you she’s my favorite.

Noah Syndergaard: I would like to see Arya Stark. She's turning into quite the little bad a.

Michael Conforto: I think it would be cool to see Jon Snow and Daenerys siting on it. But it seems too obvious to me, just by the way the show has been, how they’ve led you to believe something and then just throw a huge twist in there.

Jason Vargas: I don’t even know. It seems to change people, anyway, so I don’t know. I guess they make Jon Snow the ideal leader, but it kind of also goes, is his judgment that good if him and Daenerys end up together? So I don’t know. I’m just kind of excited to see how it plays out. I don’t think Tyrion would be the worst guy to end up on the throne.

Seth Lugo: It’s got to be Daenerys. It just has to be.

Do you identify with any houses?

Luke Voit: I would say I’m a Stark. I just like the north part and they honestly seem like good people and they mean well. They’re not trying to take over power, they’re trying to do the right thing all the time. I just like Jon Snow a lot. I hate Riverrun. I’d say the Starks for sure. I don’t really like any of the other houses. I don’t even like Khaleesi too much, but my wife loves her.

Clint Frazier: Are the wildlings considered a house? They’re kind of their own thing. I guess the Targaryens. I’m a big fan of Khaleesi. I like Jon Snow – he’s a Targaryen, isn’t he? I like what she’s doing there.

Zack Britton: I think everyone feels like they can relate to the Stark family. Maybe that’s why it hurts so bad when they’ve gotten slaughtered.

Spencer Dinwiddie: I mean, all the Starks are damn near dead. Since Jon Snow is the bastard of the Starks, I would have to say the Starks.

Jared Dudley: I mean, NOW it would be The Lannisters, because they’re rich! But wait wait – it wasn’t always like that. In that case, I would say I identify with Jon Snow because I had to work for everything I got. But right now I would say The Lannisters.

Kevin Shattenkirk: The Starks.

Marc Staal: I’m a northern guy, so the Starks.

Brady Skjei: House Stark.

Noah Syndergaard: I mean I respect the hell out of the men of the Night's Watch. I mean they vow to take no women and have no kids, but that doesn't sound like a very much fun lifestyle. It's admirable. A Lannister? I don't know. I'm more of a lone wolf myself.

Michael Conforto: I guess everybody identifies with the Stark family. They’re the good guys. That’s probably what I would do, too. I’d say the Starks. The Lannisters are somewhat greedy and buy everything and the Targaryens have the history of slaughtering innocent people, so the Starks seem to be the most attractive to most people.

What's your biggest fan theory?

Luke Voit: Obviously, I think Jon Snow and Khaleesi will kind of get married. I think the White Walkers are going to do a lot of damage. I don’t think it’ll kill it off, but I feel like there’ll be a movie that will come out afterward or something. I could be completely wrong.

Who’s the bearded guy who is becoming the maester? Sam? He’s like my favorite actor. I think he’s going to save everyone, since he went back to become a maester.

Clint Frazier: I think Jon and Khaleesi are going to have a kid together and that kid will be the one that sits on the Iron Throne next. It’s hard to follow everything they’re doing because they are throwing curveballs at me, left and right in this show. I think they’ll sit on the throne together. I don’t think they’ll choose between one or the other. They’ll make some kind of adjustments where they hold the throne together.

Zack Britton: I just feel like maybe all the families will come together and put their bickering aside to take out the White Walkers. So I can see none of the main guys getting killed and then working together and after that they divvy up places to rule. But I can also see mad chaos.

CC Sabathia: I’m anxious to see what happens with the dragon that the Night King has now. I want to see how that goes. Someone hit me with the theory of what if the White Walkers are supposed to win and they’re supposed to take over?

Spencer Dinwiddie: I guess the Mother of Dragon dies! That would be my biggest theory. She’s got them two big ass dragons, I don’t know how they’re gonna die but there you go.

Jared Dudley: Biggest theory, I think that Jaime, the queen’s brother who has a big prominent role, is gonna die. I think he’s gonna die, and the queen’s gonna lose it.

Kevin Shattenkirk: My theory is that Bran is going to control the Night King.

Brady Skjei: Bran is the Night King.

Jason Vargas: I’m interested to see what happens with Arya Stark, what her role ends up being, just because of her ability to survive.

"If you’re starting from the beginning, don’t get too attached to any one character." ~Michael Conforto

How would you describe the plot of Game of Thrones?

Luke Voit: Man, it’s like 15 different stories and it kind of starts shrinking through the seasons and at the end it all comes together, two or three stories come together. It’s intense, man. Someone dies, someone new comes in, you’re meeting new characters. It keeps you on your feet. There are no really dull moments. There’s always a cliffhanger, whether it’s for the next season or even going into the next episode.

Clint Frazier: How have other guys described it? There’s so much. I think it’s exhilarating. You don’t know what’s going to come. Unpredictable is a good way to describe it. It’s got a lot of twists. It shows there are a lot of people in the world who are good, too. There are a lot of good people there who I think will make it out because they are coming together to take down the bad.

Zack Britton: Frustrating. But in a good way. It’s not like the same old thing where you can predict what’s going to happen. Maybe unpredictable is a better word.

CC Sabathia: I guess like a medieval Harry Potter. I can’t do it in one sentence. It’s hard to explain. Maybe Harry Potter, medieval, rated R show where everybody dies. Everybody dies! The best part of the show is that everybody dies.

Spencer Dinwiddie: Labyrinth.

Jared Dudley: I would say back in the medieval days where everybody is trying to become king.... It’s just greed and power and eventually one has to be on the top at the end.

Kevin Shattenkirk: Nobody is safe.

Marc Staal: All hell is going to break loose.

Brady Skjei: Messy.

Noah Syndergaard: Frustrating.

Michael Conforto: If you’re starting from the beginning, don’t get too attached to any one character. That’s probably my best summary. I always tell people, just make it to the end of Season One and you’ll be hooked. I thought Ned was going to be around for the entire series. I’ve suggested the series to my whole family – it’s a little violent and there’s a lotta of sex and nudity, but they made it through the first season to the end and then they were hooked. There’s such a big twist there and then you start following the rest of the family and they all get killed and you’re like, what the heck is going to happen here? Just don’t get too attached.

Jason Vargas: The strongest survive. That’d be it.

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