The NeXT Computer Server By: Carlista

What Is a Computer Server?

A computer server is a machine, device or computer program that provides and issues basically a purpose of use for the computer you are using itself.

What is this 'NeXT '?

Founded in 1985 by the Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs after he was ousted from Apple. NeXT was an American computer and and software company. Their computers were made for education and work unlike nowadays where most are mainly or equally used for gaming or social media as well as work.

The NeXT Logo

What is the NeXT Computer Server, how has it Changed the Internet and what is the sticker on the Machine?

The NeXt computer server, came with a workstation it was the world's first ever web server making it easier and faster than ever before to transfer things. There is a white label on the server that reads, "This Machine is a Server. DO NOT POWER IT DOWN!!".

The Computer Workstation

Was the Computer Popular, & Did it Ever go Out Of Business?

Partly because of the machines' high and upscale price of US$50,000 the machine failed to gain a wide popularity but did remain to be the first and most outstanding and prominent example of an early sever.


The NeXT computer server and workstation was a successful but yet unsuccessful machine, it has changed the way the internet works by improving and upgrading the way people would share information.

Created By
Carlista Leng


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