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Cars and Coffee

Turquoise perfection for a low, slow cruise

Cars and Coffee Cupcakes: Goombah Car Club

Classily classic custom cars, caffeine and cupcakes? The Goombahs certainly know how to start their morning--and lucky for us, we got to take part! While some of us in the South Bay are a little tired of grey skies, last Saturday’s overcast morning provided the perfect lighting for car photography. Check out some of Evelyn Huynh’s photos below.

At the beginning of the event, there were already quite a few remarkable cars, but the longer we stayed, the more rolled in! By 8 o’clock, around thirty cars were on display in the Krispy Kreme parking lot. One was a cozy, decidedly tropical Ford Falcon van. Its back seats had been replaced with bean bags and a coffee table, while the floor was covered in rich brown shag carpeting. Other cars had slightly more predictable interiors, until you popped the hood. A stylishly understated emerald mustang boasted its sparkling engine bay for passersby to reflect on (chrome pun). The unifying factor for every vehicle was the obvious attention to detail; whether the car featured multicolored headlights or a racoon tail hanging from the grille, the personality of each customizer shone through their craftsmanship.

With an already impressive turnout for the first Cars and Coffee, the Goombahs are expecting even more cars to be on display next month. Join us Saturday, May 4th from 7-9AM for more stunning, unique cars and delicious breakfast! (We’ll be on the lookout for Star Wars-themed cars and doughnuts, for sure.)

Some Goombah good guys (and Evelyn), the immaculate mustang, the oh-so tropical van and the 'no calorie' breakfast to top it all off.

Delamore Delights: A Final Slice of Wisdom

by Celeste Delamore

In addition to jam-making, I also love to bake. The best part of baking and preserving jam is being able to share my creations with others; it’s another way of bringing joy to someone's life.

Here’s one of my favorite recipes: Mini Apple Pies (made in a muffin pan) 🍏🍎

Sauté 2 pounds of chopped, peeled apples in 4 tablespoons of butter with 1/2 cup of sugar*, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and a pinch of salt until tender, about 10 minutes.

Stir in 1 tablespoon flour and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon; let cool.

Cut out twelve 4-inch rounds of refrigerated pie dough (from one 14-ounce package); slice the scraps into strips.

Press each round into a muffin cup.

Add filling and top with the dough strips forming a lattice crust.

Brush with beaten egg and dot with butter.

Bake at 375 degrees until the crusts are browned and the filling is bubbly 30-40 minutes.

*the sugar can be replaced with 1/4 cup of orange marmalade or any other kind of jam.

The pies are easy to transport and serve, no slicing necessary. Enjoy with a scoop of ice cream!

If you’re looking to start your own food business, the Foodpreneur Institute has an impressive number of free resources. Their free/low-cost knowledge base, weekly podcast, and webinars cover a smorgasbord of topics you need to be savvy in to hone your business skills (even if it’s not food related).


If you want to give your eyes a rest after all of last week’s media suggestions, we have the perfect podcasts for you:

Liza has 2 podcasts she recommends; the first is “Science Vs.” by Gimlet Media. Wendy Zuckerman hosts the podcast; she brings some amazing humor and wit, with a fabulous Australian accent to back it up. The team of scientists researches one topic every episode. From whether or not guns keep us safe, to the Bee-pocalypse, BigFoot or fasting diets, there’s a wide range of discussions across the episodes. “One element remains: she’s always looking for answers based on Science. They aren’t in any order, so you can listen to any self-contained story from today to last year.”

“Ear Hustle,” by Radiotopia, is about life inside San Quentin. Hosted by Nigel Poor, an artist who volunteers in the prison, and Erlonne Woods, an inmate serving a sentence of 31 years to life. The podcast is recorded entirely inside of San Quentin and features self-contained episodes, though Liza recommends listening to them in order. “They talk about life in prison -- cellmates, the "Shu" (solitary confinement), dating, race, religion, and gangs. The podcast does not talk about broader politics or the justice system. Instead, you hear prisoners telling their personal stories about everyday life, based on the topic of the month.”

For the nerds out there, Evelyn suggests “Critical Role.” If you’re on Twitch, the crew live streams their Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but their sessions are also available as a podcast. Since all the players are voice actors, these professionals have experience with bringing characters to life without visual aid. As a self-proclaimed D&D geek, Evelyn finds Matt Mercer to be an incredible Dungeon Master, “he comes up with brilliant story lines and characters and his presentation is on point. 🤓”

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