Issue: Compassion Fatigue Lori Cruz / ENG1030-59 / Proposal

Introduction: Compassion fatigue is a feeling of indifference felt towards people who are suffering due to the number of such appeals. Nurses are who are talking about this issue because they are the ones that commonly experience it. Attempts to fix this problem are being made, but still, help is needed; help from supervisors, help from hospitals, help from everyone.
Introduction: This issue matters because it affects everyone receiving healthcare in the United States. When someone is hurt, or in need, the knowledge that the best healthcare possible is being provided, is comforting.
Introduction: Although compassion fatigue affects us locally, it also affects the entire state and nation! When we, or our families and friends, are in need of medical attention, these nurses, who have lost their compassion and sympathy for others, are the ones at our service.
Research Question: What are the causes of compassion fatigue for nurses in clinical settings? What is being done in nursing communities to counter compassion fatigue?
Literature Reviewed: Look for yourself some of what I've read about compassion fatigue. To understand how to fix the issue, we must first recognize what it is.

Literature Reviewed: The conversations going on about this topic are mostly between nurses; LPN'S, RN'S, Nurse Practitioners. Ideas about what could be done to stop or possibly prevent compassion fatigue and the reasons it even happens in the first place are what are being talked about.

Research Plans: I will research through Clemson's database to find information that will lead me to an answer for my question. I will also talk to nurses that are actually in the field now to see what they think would help the situation. I plan to use scholarly methods of inquiry and interviews to find evidence.
Timeline: The due date for this project is still open ended so it's hard to make a timeline for progress, but I'd say I will spend about a third of my time researching, another third drafting, and the last third revising and preparing for my presentation.
Key Challenges: One difficulty I see myself having is acquiring the confidence to interview people in higher positions than me like the nurses I want to talk to. I also see myself having a rough time finding enough references because I am in a group by myself.
Key Challenges: I will overcome my problems by forcing myself to understand that without proper knowledge, change will never come and by taking full advantage of my resources.

Working Bibliography: All pictures are from Creative Commons and Adobe Spark

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