Grace,Gold&Glory Gabrielle Douglas Book Review by:Aniyah,mms

Imagine you were a kid and didn’t know what to do when a person was bullying you, making fun of you and don’t stop! What would you do? This book is Gabrielle Douglas Grace,God,Glory by Michelle Burford! This is about Gabrielle, a girl who is passionate at gymnastics. She wanted to fit in , but all of the other girls/gymnasts keep talking about her behind her back and saying mean things about her. So Gabby shows how nice and ordinary and sweet she is, and she starts to make closer friends like the rest of the girls/gymnasts. It also tells you that when Gabby was born , how each day went, but it talked about how she was born and was growing up, and then it talks about how she decided that she wanted to do gymnastics.

My favorite part is when Gabby shows captain pictures about how she’s doing flips/tricks in all of her pictures she showed. This is my favorite part because I may not know how to do that flip because it’s new to me. Another reason why this is my favorite part is because Gabby is a bright enough person to do anything. even if she had a sprained foot, she would still get up and try harder and harder.

A life lesson that I learned from Gabby and that everyone should follow and do the same is that you should never give up even if you don’t succeed , and don’t think about what other people say behind your back that isn’t true, and always believe in yourself and no one else ( not even your best friend.)

I think the greatest value is when Gabby stood up for herself. What made this book special was that Gabby went up to the other girls/gymnast that were making fun of her because she didn’t like it and wanted it to stop. I also think this book is special because one day I can turn out to be like Gabby Douglas by doing the same things that she does,.Such as trying the same flips as and win medals at competition. I also think this book is special because Gabby is a special person, who is kind a girl too.

It may be hard to get through bullies, but it can be also harder if you don’t try at all. So did you ever believe that you can fail if you never tried at least once? This book is recommended to people who have been having troubles in life and lost a lot of friends that don’t care anymore about you. They might bully you, talk behind your back , and are always rude. But you believe in yourself that you can get through it with no problems.

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