Children Portraits A Mother's greatest masterpiece is her children

Hello there!

No matter where they are at in their lives, children have this innate ability to capture our hearts. Some through songs, little acts of kindness, or even just a sweet word or gentle touch. As mothers, our greatest pride is in our children!

Unfortunately, they grow SO fast! One day we are holding them, swaddled up like a little bean, and the next they are off to their first day of school. Suddenly they are learning to drive, then introducing you to your future spouse. There's no pause button on motherhood. No time out to hold on to the little moments.

That's what we're here for!

This is a moment you'll never get back... not unless you capture it: find a way to wrap it up and hold onto it forever. That's what Inspirations By Liz Photography does for you. We aren't about that perfect, posed, cheesy, smiling shot. We are about the little moments that make your heart sing with pride. We are about capturing those adorable quirks that make your child unique. Our job is to give you and your family a tangible piece of childhood and a CONSTANT reminder of the beauty that is motherhood.

Why choose us?

Lets be honest, it isn't JUST about the portraits. Thats the ice cream in the Sunday of your life, but there's also the chocolate sauce, the cherry, the whipped cream, and (of course) the sprinkles! Child portraits are unlike any other genre of portraiture in that you can't fake it. You can't tell a child "look here and say 'CHEESE'" and expect to capture who they are as a unique individual. With Inspirations by Liz Photography, you get a stellar photographic EXPERIENCE that guarantees art that will be enjoyed and passed down your family line for generations. We don't just offer digital images to sit in your computer: enjoyed for a moment and forgotten for a lifetime. We also offer custom art products, enhanced with archival technology to ensure the highest quality; giving you something tangible to enjoy for years to come.

About Liz

Liz Beisell specializes in Child and Family portraiture, guaranteeing you a custom experience without the cookie cutter studio expectations. Having a background in child development therapy, childcare, and being a mother of four herself, Liz takes the concepts of photo sessions and molds them into a time for children to play and express themselves without the huge pressure and expectations of complete perfection that society seemingly always puts on our kids. She offers her professional portrait services in Northern Utah, including Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Brigham, Layton, Salt Lake City, and anything in between!

About your session

Inspirations By Liz Photography stylizes each session to your individual wants and needs. From lighting and location to wardrobe and accessories, we start each session with a consultation. This is where we create your session and give you the tools to make it as easy and stress free as possible! Parents have enough on their plate without worrying about their photo sessions and we know the BEST portraits come from the happiest and less stressed clients!

After your session is planned out, we will meet on our scheduled day for your session! Liz usually starts out every session just getting your child comfortable and ready for a great session, especially if they are younger or shy. We play some games, talk, and just hang out or explore the location for a few minutes.

The Reveal Session

After 2-3 weeks, your photos will be enhanced and ready to view! This is arguably the most exciting part! We will meet back up and you'll have the opportunity to see your portraits for the first time. We make sure you are 100% thrilled with your images and walk you through deciding what products/digitals would fit your needs the best.


Every session with Inspirations By Liz Photography is unique and one of the ways we insure that is to let you control how much you spend on your portraits. There's no hard selling or pressure to purchase more than you can afford or want. Our job is simply to create art you can't say no to, and leave the rest up to you!

Because we believe in the importance of displaying your child's portraits and also understand the modern demand for digital images, each print comes with the complementary corresponding digital image. All products are custom sized, reformatted, re-sharpened, and hand cropped to fit your needs. We have everything sent to us so we can personally inspect it and guarantee the best quality available to you.

So what now?

Now we plan your session! Get in touch with Liz through Facebook (Inspirations By Liz Photography), instagram (@inspirationsbyliz), or call or text her at (208)360-7944.


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