Tour of the Harn By Walter Preston

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The piece of art that I found to be most outstanding for its technique and medium would be the carving call Our Lady of Sorrows. This piece is an intricately carved wooden figure of a lady who looks very sad with her hands folded upon her chest. This wooden carving would not be the same if not seen in person because of how intricate the carving is, and how well painted the figure is, even though time has caused some of the paint to chip. The complexity of the carving is what I found to be the most impressive. It really tells a lot about how much time the artist took to make such a work. This artwork communicated to me how the intricate sorrow can be in peoples lives. It made me feel pity for those going through hard times and helps me remember that other people may be in tough situations, and it is better to be respectful and try to help them.

Design of the Museum

The wing of the museum which I found to be most intriguing was the wing of with the Native American and early American artworks. This wing was set up with dimmer, brownish yellow lights, which coincide, in my opinion, with American style during that time period. All of the artwork was well lighted and the large archways were very interesting because they were sort of like gates into different time periods of art. This exhibit made me feel very curious and interested by the history that these pieces of art portrayed. The spacing between the art was also good, with enough open space to walk and observe easily, however there was enough art for the room to seem full.

Art and Core Values

The exhibit that spoke to my core value of perseverance even in the sight of failure was displayed by this plan for the city of Rome. This piece of art shows the visions that were seen as part of a plan to make the city of Rome a better and more functional city. While not everything in the painting is now a part of Rome, some of the designs were taken, which speaks to me personally and helps strengthen my value of trying even through failure. This artwork instills ambition within me. It makes me ambitious about what I want to do after college. This ambition helps me understand that to succeed it is sometimes necessary to learn through failure or to have some portions of an idea fail, but others to succeed, as in the map of Rome

Art and The Good Life

This piece of art work is an untitled work by John Chamberlain, and is a ball of many different metals, colored with many different colors. To me this represents the Good Life theme of sharing because of all the diverse metals and colors all mixed together making one piece of artwork. The different colors and materials by themselves would look very strange, however when all put together, they form a ball that seems very strong. This represents sharing to me by showing how when people interact with each other, they are stronger and happier, despite their differences.

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