The story of AMERICA In five short parts

Christopher Columbus was born in Italy. He had a idea that the earth was round which was unheard of at the time. He sailed for spain in 1492 trying to sail to go to the west Indies.He tried to sail there but their was on problem there was two giant contents blocking it .He never discover America he discovered the Caribbean but he set the way for the way for ether explores explore .He never knew that he never knew that he found america he thought he found the west Indies.Also all the explorers came with diseases and made almost 99 % of Native Americans become sick and die.Make it easier to settle with less Native American to stop them.

A group of British people sailed to the Netherlands to escape the British church.Britain changed religion and back in the 17th century you were not able to worship different religions than the British church in England.So to they sailed to Netherlands after a while they didn't think it was a good idea anymore so they sailed in to ships.They set of in 1620 to start a new life in the new world .They had two ships the Speedwell and the Mayflower.The speed well sank so hundreds of people on one ship that didn't have enough food or water.Finally they made it to america .When they arrived it was almost winter 1620.They almost didn't survive but a indian tribe near by had a member who could speak English.He saved there lives he taught them to fish, hunt and farm.They eventually grew they called this town plythmoth.Then they had the first thanksgiving.This defined because case it showed that we would never give up.

In the year 1754 England and Americans fought French and Indians.This is known as the French and Indian war or the seven year war.

In the french and indian war started when young george washington surveyed an area that an french fort was on.They tried asking nicely for the french to move it didn't work.So they had war over that land.The british are a lot of debt put taxes on america to pay for the expenses.

After british started taxing america and only america because of the french and indian war. Each of the thirteen colonies set a representative to england to discus the taxes .In 1774 the repstives met in the constitutional convention and created defenses in case of a war.The Minutemen was militia that consisted of farmers, workers and civilians .If something happened there going to be there at a minutes notice.

After the Revolutionary war that started because England made us pay taxes.then the battle of Yorktown .The British realized that it was not worth it to keep fighting us so they arranged a treaty to end the war .After six years of fighting from 1775 to 1781 fighting strongest nation in the world.In the treaty they agreed to give land up to the Mississippi river.They took all of the troops out of America and making us a independent nation.This defined us showing that we are tough and strong .This made us are own government.

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