Georgia's Story By:karli williams

Hello, my name is Kate and I am one of the survivors from the Titanic. I am going to tell you about my story on the Titanic. So, cogar very carefully.

It all started when I heard a torann ard on the side of the boat.

"Mum, I think something is mícheart with the bád,"I exclaimed.

"Your probably just éisteacht things,"Mum said.

"OK," I replied.

I should have told gach duine and trusted my croí, but i didn't. I let it go just like my Mum had told me. I was Miffed when my Mum had told me that, but I chreid her.

Later that night

*The captaen made an announcement over the speaker*

"This is your captaen speaking," the captaen said.

Next my Mum clúdaithe my ears. I didn't know why at the moment. Now I know, he was saying that everyone should 'na chodladh head to the deic to aboard the life boats. I knew that I heard something that day. Now back to the story.

"We have a boat for you and your daughter, Mam," said a man who was bording the bád tarrthála.

My Mum wasn't happy at the time and she didn't tell me why. All she did was try to cover up her ag caoineadh while walking away from my Father onto the boat. My Mum left my father on the long and he went down with it.

The Titanic

Me and my Mum got separated while getting on life boats and I was very scanraithe at the moment. When we where leaving on the lifeboats I could hear screaming coming from the Titanic. The screams stopped after a bit. If only they had put more lifeboats my father would still be beo.

Me and my Mum chailleann him a lot. I wish we could've done something, but i guess there is no ag casadh back.

20 British/Irish words

1. Cougar- Listen

2.torann ard- Loud noise

3.mícheart- Wrong



6.gach duine-everybody



9.chreid- Believed


11. clúdaithe-covered

12. 'na chodladh-calmly


14.bád tarrthála- lifeboats

15. ag caoineadh-crying

16. long-ship


18. beo- alive

19. chailleann-miss

20. ag casadh- turning


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