The Briefing special issue | May 19, 2020

County Updates to the Stay at Home Order

What does this change in Mountain View?

On Monday, Santa Clara County announced that it is modifying its Stay at Home order to officially move to the early stages of Phase 2, as defined by the state of California. What is Phase 2?

The State of California outline of the Four Phases to reopen during the COVID19 pandemic.

For our county, and for Mountain View, this is what this change will look like:

  • Non-essential retail businesses in Santa Clara County can open for curbside pickup starting Friday.
  • The supply chain for those businesses, and companies that manufacture the products they sell, will be allowed to reopen, provided they can comply with physical distancing guidelines.
  • Car parades can resume
  • Outdoor museums, historical sites, and publicly accessible gardens can reopen

You can read the entirety of the County's updated Stay at Home order here.

Requirements for Mountain View businesses

Mountain View businesses that are able to reopen under Phase 2 will be required to implement certain physical distancing guidelines. Those include:

  • Ensuring businesses train employees before May 22 on new county guidelines and have publicly posted in their business the physical distancing requirements customers must follow
  • Allowing only one employee per 300 square feet
  • Requiring face masks inside all businesses or anywhere that has indoor activity

More information on what is required of businesses prior to reopening this Friday can be found here.

As more information becomes available, we will continue to update you. Remember, you can get this information sent directly to your email by texting 'MVCOVID' to 22828.

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We look forward to this next phase of re-opening for our community members and for our local businesses.