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A one-of-a-kind lacrosse showcase specifically for the state of New Jersey.


August 29th (am/pm) and August 30th (am/pm)


Apex Sports & Events

137 Mountain View Rd.

Hillsborough, NJ 08844


The camp is open to the most competitive and talented sophomore and junior lacrosse players in the state of New Jersey. Space is limited.


Each player is assigned to one of 4 teams.

There will be team training sessions, an individual combine, and 3 regulation games.


4 Attack

4 Defense

6 Mids

2 Athletes



2 Goalies

(Some variations possible)

Film and College Coaches

We have spoken with most college coaches about the event and many have helped with the design. Most have received the invite list in advance so they are VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing the players. We will film every training and every game, immediately send the film to all college coaches, and upload the film for your use.


With the assistance of professionals, Apex Sports & Events, and our staff, we have implemented suggested measures for the event to help ensure safety for all. Details are below, within the registration, and on our web pages.

Everyone will complete a warranty and waver prior to arriving certifying that they have not been recently exposed to COVID-19 and have not recently traveled to a Level-3 area- see attached waver in registration for exact wording and details.

A perimeter will be set up around the facility and we request that guests consider limiting their party to 1 per player.

Every player, coach, staff member, and guest will be screened for temperature upon entrance into the perimeter.

The facility will provide beverages to everyone free of charge, lunch to the players and coaches will be provided, and we will encourage parents to eat on site to help minimize off-site trips.

Bathrooms (not port-o-pots) will be regularly attended and cleaned through out the day.

The players will have designated areas that minimize interactions between teams.

Jerseys and numbers are pre-assigned and pre-placed in the player’s areas.

While there will be staff on site, there will not be a centralized check-in beyond the screening station at the entrance.

There will be no hand-shakes after games.

Do NOT show up un-prepared. You will be exposed.

Stretch Every Day.

Be in shape.

Run Sprints, Shuttles, and Distance.

Eat Well. Hydrate.

Wall Ball. Ground Balls. Passing and Catching.

Shooting. Distance Throwing and Catching.

1v1 and 2v2

Do NOT show up un-prepared. You will be exposed.

It will be hot.

You will make mistakes.

You will be playing against very good players. There will be no scrubs.

You must arrive mentally and physically prepared.

Do NOT show up un-prepared. You will be exposed.

Every college coach will see every minute of your training.

Every college coach will see every minute of your game play.

There will be very few subs so be prepared to play a lot.

You must be ready to compete.

Play within the game, as a team. No me-ball. Do the little things. Play simple. Be smart. Value.

Do NOT show up un-prepared. You will be exposed.

This may be your best/only opportunity to get recruited this summer and fall.

This event is intended to separate the kids that have “it” and those that do not.

Do NOT show up un-prepared. You will be exposed.


This event is only possible because of the collaborations within the lacrosse community. This includes many coaches from clubs, high schools, colleges, and professional ranks.

Special gratitude should be extended to the college coaches, high school coaches, and club coaches that all contributed to the design and planning of this event. It has been a terrific representation of what makes the lacrosse community special.



The link will be open on Tuesday, August 4th and will close Saturday, August 28th.

If at anytime, you have questions or needs, please contact Athan Sunderland

410-707-4393 or athan@capitalsportsgroup.com

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