The Good life Performnce irazu guinan

Outside of the Constance Theatre. Photographed by: Ariana Borton. In the picture: Irazu Guinan

The Spatial Experience: As my friend, Ariana Borton, and I were walking around the Reitz Union waiting for the performance to start, I felt a variety of emotions. Although that Friday was one of the longest days of my life, I found it in me to grow excitement for a play in which I have never gone to or seen. Entering the building I saw the beautiful theatrical setting of these luminous hanging lighteners that gave the room a dramatic scene. Once we were all seated, I believe my seats couldn't have been anymore of a right fit for the performance. I experienced the thrill of the actors as they started the play, I felt the the crowds thrill watching the symphony of the music. We had a perfect view of the performance, nothing was in the way of our view of the stage. Once the lights dimmed and the crowd quieted, I was excited to see what the play was going to be about and how well the actors trained for the play and how their emotions were going to brought in. The size of the auditorium was a good size, making the experience more intimate within the audience. The role of play of the good life illistrauted that you should always be comfortable with your surroundings and you should always enjoy the journey to achieve the good life.

In the lobby of the Constance Theatre. Photographed by Irazu Guinan. In the picture: Ariana Borton and Irazu Guinan

The Social Experiment: The experience I had with the performance would have not been the same without my friend, Ariana Borton. We met outside of the Reitz Union and decided to have something to eat before the performance, while we were having dinner we shared some of the speculations we had of the show; like what we are expecting to see. Going to the play with a friend is like going to the movies with friends, its nice to be accompanied even if we don't talk during the film. Although the play was entertaining, it was nice to share a laugh with a good friend. Sharing experiences with people that you love or enjoy being in your life changes the view of the Good life for the better. Sharing moments, moments that you know you'll remember, is the reason we keep each other happy or satisfied in moments where happiness can't be found. For example, if someone is going through a rough time, that person can find the little bit of happiness through reminiscing to the experience that person shared with another that brought them both happiness.

In the lobby of Constance theatre. Photographed by Irazu Guinan.

Cultural and Intellectual experience:The central issues addressed in the play were how theatrical performances were considered immoral and the irony between the role of a priest and the role of a criminal all in one. I did not know much about the subject as a whole, but I was aware of the individual aspects like; rape and how religion had conflict with theatre. Although I knew the individual aspects of the issues addressed I was still very shocked at how such crime can be committed by an individual that praises the divine rules of his savior. The performance did change my views about the issues described in the in the performance; before I was really not a fan about plays and acting but after I saw the play I saw how well the actors prepared themselves and how much time they put into this just to show the audience the importance of theatre to them. Also the play showed me that doing the right thing, in this case going to the police about the crime, is always important. The subject matter does not have a relationship to something that happened in my own life, but I'm sure it correlates with other circumstances people have to go through like abuse and judgment.

Photo at Constance Theatre. Irazu Guinan and Ariana Borton are photographed in this picture.

Emotional Experience: The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt provide us with an opportunity for katharsis because when scenes about mentioning the crime made by the priest made the audience uncomofortable because we don't really hear about that happening, so knowing that it happened, even if it's in a play gives an uncomfortable feeling. Also in scenes when the priest kisses a woman made me feel uncomfortable because it contradicts rules that a priest is supposed to follow. Overall the play was phenomenal.

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