Our photo essay represents how throughout the school life, our eating habits change. When students are little they usually do not have a say in what they bring to school, as opposed to high school students, who are becoming more and more independent. It happens the same for the school's teachers and staff, they are completely independent, therefore, they eat what benefits them the most at the moment.


A current 3rd grade student who has his favorite food for lunch in the cafeteria. Diego loves rice and he prefers to eat it alone so that he can really enjoy it. Diego's mom prepares his lunch for him every morning and makes sure he has what he loves every time that he can.


JuanMa is a Lincoln Student in first grade. He loves eating different foods for lunch along the week. His maid prepares his lunch for him and sends him a variety of meals. This day he was having a hamburger, one of the meals he claims he loves the most.


In second grade, Lucia convinced her mom that it was best for her to eat Mac&Cheese everyday for lunch. As she shows us her food she tells us how she loves this food and it is the only meal that she finishes since she claims she has a hard time eating other foods such as vegetables and fruits.


Flavia is a junior at Lincoln and at lunch time she buys her food from the school cafeteria. She used to bring lunch to school everyday, but after IB took over her life she decided she would rather sleep than have to wake up earlier to prepare her lunchbox.


Alberto is also an IB student in his last days of senior year. He has always bought his lunch from the cafeteria since he finds this more comfortable than having to heat up his lunch in the long lines of the microwaves. One of his favorite meals is pizza and he makes sure to buy it everytime the cafeteria offers it for lunch.


Alexandra is a Lincoln student in her senior year. She is a certificate student so she claims to have a little more time than the students who take diploma. She is a very picky eater so she prefers to bring her lunch from home which her made prepares for her, rather than risking to buy it in school and not liking what they are offering that day.


Pat forms part of the staff at Lincoln School. She is one of the few elite art teachers who has the experience to teach different areas. When she has lunch duty, Pat prefers to buy her lunch at school because it is far more easy. She states that she completely prefers to bring her lunch from her house but it is time-consuming because she has to prepare it herself. When she eats her lunch after 11 the food starts to get old and dry because it is prepared at 11am. Finally, she loves to balance her meals and always makes sure she eats protein, vegetables and sides.

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