My Path to Citizenship

Just went to @Refugees and they got all my info #finallyleavingmycountry

Got sent to the Resettlement Support Center and had an interview. #nailedit

Went to a screening for my background #imnotacriminal

I had an in-person interview with @DHSgov and they took my fingerprint #iswearimnotacriminal

I passed! #toldyouimnotacriminal now I need to take a class and go to a doctors appointment

Passed the medical screening! #allhealthy #notsick

I'm getting matched with a volunteer agency #imexcited

Two more screenings with Border Protection and Transportation Security Administration #somanyscreenings #OMG

I'm approved! #imcomingtoAmerica

2 years later and I'm finally in America! I have a job and health care! #blessed #iloveamerica

I've been here for a years and I finally have my greencard! #loveithere

About 8 years since this process started and 5 since I got my greencard! I'm finally a #citizen

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