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Who is ESUS?

Sustainability incorporates many interconnected themes including environmental, cultural, economic, technical and social.

The primary responsibility of Environmental Stewardship, Utilities and Sustainability Community (ESUS) is to facilitate IFMA’s performance as a sustainable organization, developing a community that provides a means to obtain information and knowledge as a core competency.

Sustainability is a strategic theme and core competency of the facility manager that touches every aspect of facility management.

ESUS and its global partners attempt to identify and explore a variety of strategic and tactical initiatives related to sustainability as it applies to the built environment including the unique sustainability needs associated with utility companies.

For all building types, facility managers have the responsibility to be environmental stewards of the physical workplaces they manage. This means that the programs developed within ESUS must promote responsible consumption that protects the natural environment and educate our constituency about achievable corrective actions reflecting sustainable practices.

Research, Education and Training

ESUS provides and supports a variety of research, education and training programs.


The application of current Circular Economy methods to the built environment

This model incorporates sharing, re-using or recycling building products and materials in order to extend the products’ lifecycle.


Working toward the achievement of resilient buildings

Conducting and acting on research into how FMs can best adapt building management practices in response to increasing threats of fire, drought and other severe weather conditions by developing more robust and redundant activities.


Net-zero energy buildings

Reporting on net-zero building activities whereby the total energy annually used by buildings is equal to or less than the amount of renewable energy that can be created within those buildings.


Following the latest technology and analytics trends

ESUS’ role is to understand how various aspects of new technology (e.g., AI, machine learning/vision, the Internet of Things) and cybersecurity are affecting the functions of facility managers and their buildings.


Climate change mitigation

Reporting on the latest developments of climate change mitigation and its impact on facility management.

For additional information on ESUS’ research, reports and white papers, webinars and more, explore our website.

You can access our latest research through IFMA's Knowledge Library. A few examples of available content include:

Climate Change Fundamentals for FM Professionals

Understand and prepare your facilities for the threat of climate change. Curated from multiple scientific studies, this free report reduces three-thousand pages of scientific evidence to 30 pages of key points that every FM can use immediately. Download the report today >>

Adapting to Climate Change for FM Professionals

Utilize these resources for Facility Managers to reduce your organization's vulnerability to the effects of climate change. The report identifies ways Facility Management can gain support to implement needed adaptations due to climate change and provides links to additional referenced resources. Download the report here >>


Sustainable Facility Professional (SFP®)

The industry needs facility managers who understand sustainability.

The SFP credential is a time-tested credential that helps facility managers make data-driven decisions and understand sustainable best practices.

It is a collection of learning modules designed to help you increase efficiency, think strategically and improve your company's performance.

The three focus areas of the SFP are Strategy and Alignment, Managing Sustainable Facilities and Operating Sustainable Facilities.

Sustainability Scholarships

ESUS members work with IFMA and the IFMA Foundation to support sustainability and climate change initiatives. Current activities include:

Eric Teicholz Sustainability Scholarships

Through the generosity of IFMA Fellow Eric Teicholz, the IFMA Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to individuals interested in earning their Sustainability Facility Professional® (SFP).

Sustainability Awards

These awards recognize excellent facilities or facility professionals where FM projects implemented substantially impacted the organization's ability to limit/reduce it’s sustainable footprint.

Sheila Sheridan Award for Sustainable Facility Operations and Management

IFMA Asia Pacific Award of Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

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