The first half of this month required a lot of effort on the part of those involved, there being so much about which to scribble and take pictures. Thanks go to the occasional contributors and, again, to those who helped make Cudeca Cup day such a success.

First an apology to Richard and Wendy Hinds who did celebrate a significant milestone in their married life but it was 50 years not 55. We were misinformed. A great achievement nevertheless. They are currently on a three week cruise by way of celebration.

That master of brevity George Kirk is at it again, but now it fits with the mood of peace and tranquillity. “Had a good day. Food chosen from bar menu, all plates cleaned so very good. Match score all square, one and a half each. Overall score, La Cala three and half, La Siesta, two and half.” This ‘report’ is of a match which took place recently, venue unclear, but the pictures = 2000 words according to soothsayers so we should not be critical?

Our pure lads in white.

Members’ action began on Tuesday 18, on Asia, but not the Medal everyone had been training hard to win. No, instead, the organiser’s needle swung the other way. It became a non qualifying Stableford with the greenkeepers asked to place the flags in flat areas of the greens. Despite these ultra friendly conditions nobody managed to play to their handicap, which was surprising. Marie Wilson came closest with 35. Dianne Tomlin next with 34, and Maggie Coombes third on handicap. Only one was available at the prize giving.

Captain Monique with the day’s champion Marie.

The interesting, and unusual thing about the top three men was their Christian name. Every one a David! Evans 33, Wilson 32, Gilchrist 32 and, here again, only one on photographic parade. As it was a Wilson it seemed appropriate to take a picture of the matrimonially teamed pair together with Captain Monique.

Then came June 20th and Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, back in Blighty. My mother was employed by the Racecourse Betting Control Board for some years, during which she never missed the Ladies Day, going off in the mornings all dressed up to the nines, as we say in English. However, such history does not concern members whereas the garden party organised by Vic and Pauline Hilliard certainly does. We are in debt to Loraine Murphy for the following take on the afternoon.

“As has now become customary the indomitable Vic & Pauline Hilliard were the driving force behind the organization of this day at the races. Held in the style of a Royal Garden Party, at their beautiful home overlooking the 18th fairway of America, the lovely ladies of La Cala dressed to impress with stunning dresses and hats and were accompanied by their knights in shining shirts! It was a relaxing and stress-free day enjoyed by everyone in an afternoon of pageantry and world class racing. The first bet of the day was on the colour of her majesty the Queen’s outfit. She did not disappoint, although did stir some controversy as to whether her outfit was blue or grey.. it has been confirmed by the palace that it was in fact a metal grey. Sweepstakes were the order of the day for race goers and our hosts had arranged for each race to be ready for drawing by table. As the races started the excitement built and soon shouts of “come on” were heard around the two TV screens as well as the cries of “yes” or “no"! Each table had its share of winners with June Steele drawing both 1st and 2nd in one race and Sylvia McGarvie repeating the feat in another, but the main winners of the day, in the last race with the highest stakes ( and winnings) went to the Rees family, Carol drawing the winner and Danny the runner–up. A fun social afternoon with friends, a picnic in the Hilliard royal gardens and some sport (as well as a side show of visiting golfers playing down the 18th) made it a memorable afternoon for everyone and many thanks must go to Vic & Pauline. Roll on 2020 !“


Monique Peters has rightly established a reputation for sound administration, firm leadership, and a contorted sense of humour. Not for the first time the space allowed for Rules of the Day on the Start Sheet was insufficient. Team captains were issued with an A4 typed sheet of instructions which got the players’ debate off to a lively start before leaving the car park even! Everyone got Mulligan’s. Those off the Blue tees got an extra shot for some reason. Double score opportunities were many. On America’s 14th let it recorded, there was a small net erected on the green, into which anyone chipping their putt got extra rewards. All players were required to change putters on at least three of the par 3 greens. Kate Bradley is not a tall person, a fact emphasised by the length of her putter which, when it fell to me to wield it, required me to bend in half. The bending wasn’t welcome, as some may know, but when the ball dropped in for a birdie it seemed to delight my team mates. One of whom, our captain indeed, was Richard Ledgard. Not only a very good player, but a fount of knowledge when it comes to rules, and friendly advice. He is also a bundle of energy and very good company. As indeed was Liesbeth Guise whose frame belies her strength off the tee, whose command of English would make some natives proud, and who also ran everywhere, like Richard. My guess was an earlier athlete but it seems hockey was her game back when. A really enjoyable day’s golf. Even if our 157 points left us nowhere.

1st 174 l/r Peter Bradley, Anne Hannam, Matti Kaarnakari Kari, Sten Valentin.
2nd 169 l/r Peter Edstrom, Alison Kirk, Peter Marler, Laura Thompson.
3rd 164 l/r Marie Wilson, Libby Robinson, Alan Jewett, Gerry Rippinger.

At the risk of being even more boring than usual the subject of sun glasses cannot be avoided. Libby’s appendages were the like of which have never before been seen. By me anyway. It has always been my belief that ladies’ eyes were to be gazed into, not hidden away. Clearly times have changed. As of now there will be no prohibition. Pictures will be shot as you choose to present yourself. Said he foolishly! Frustratingly!


L/r: Iain The Elder, Jack The Junior, Erling The Viking.

The photograph gives away the answer which is the number of years shared between three old friendly golfing adversaries. It was a nice, kind thought on the part of organiser Monique although following packs would not welcome this partnership on a regular basis. Unless at the back of the pack. For the triumverant it was a most pleasant outing, made the more so by the last minute inclusion of Eric Catterson, my buggy companion for the Medal competition on America on Tuesday 25th. What a lovely player he is, and very good company too.

The other unusual thing about the day may not have been noticed by readers but there is not a glass to be seen at the octogenerians’ photograph table. Isabella Rippinger headed the ladies table with 70 points and earned a cut of 0.8 to 18.6. Janice Marler’s 72 and Kate Bradley’s 74 left their handicap status unchanged. Incidentally Tracey Ledgard also had a 74, denied a prize on handicap, but now 1.5 lower than at the start of the day. It was she and Kate who kindly helped Eric rescue me earlier so no more than she deserved.

L/r: Janice & Isabella.

The top men were in fine form with Alan Jewett’s 69 edging that of Geoff Thompson on handicap. Alan dropped 0.6 to 9.9 and Geoff 0.9 to 15. George Kirk’s 72 left him unchanged in third place.

L/r: George & Alan.


It is some years now since my last appearance in a team match but when reading the reports each month, even though challenging each other for brevity, one is reminded of the enjoyment factor, the friendly rivalry, the social aspect, and the relief at getting home safely. It sounds as though the InterClub Mixed at Santa Maria on Friday 28/6 rated highly on all counts. The course, according to team members with whom one has spoken thus far, was “great to play” or “in wonderful condition”. Special mention was made of the par 5 ninth hole, described as “real challenge”. As a team we finished fourth with 143 points, the winners being Marbella GC. George and Alison Kirk did well to finish first with 42 points, whilst Monique Peters and Campbell McGarvie’s 35 earned them second place on handicap.

L/r: Campbell, Monique, Alison, George.

The next meeting is at El Chaparral on July 12th.


Searing would possibly be too strong an adjective but Saturday 29/6 was probably the hottest play day we have had thus far this summer. Unfortunately my own participation was limited to four holes, at which stage my body made it clear that it would not be supportive if a fifth was considered. This left my captain and buggy partner Roy Davies to re-write the card, adjust the handicaps, and yet find sufficient resolve to guide his remaining team of Alison Kirk and Vivienne Youngs into second place! Those who clearly didn’t wilt, and thus earned prizes, were:

1st 153 l/r: Gert Remeijer (guest), Janice Marler, Jan Debrauwer, Suzanne Valentin.
2nd 144 l/r: Alison Kirk, Roy Davies, Vivienne Youngs (team of three).
3rd 139 l/r: Isabella Rippinger, Peter Marler, Derek Steele.

By Monique’s standards the rules were relatively straightforward. Anything more demanding in such heat might well have led to riots. A special word of thanks to Loraine Murphy who, in my unexpected absence, and with Judi Lentelink engaged in domestic family duties in Tarifa, stepped into the breach and produced some excellent pictures with the aid of her iPhone. Not a shade in sight it is noticed, and what lovely eyes to linger on.



John and Vivienne Youngs celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on the 29th. A remarkable and likeable couple, still playing decent golf, looking much less than their age, and very popular, long standing members of the club. Loraine has caught a nice picture of them which we are pleased to include below.

Thus bringing this truncated newsletter to a happy conclusion.

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