War of the Roses

The red rose represented the House of Lancaster

The white rose represented the House of York

Henry VI was from the House of Lancaster, and was the king at the start of the war. He was also mentally ill.
Edward IV was the first York to become king, and stayed in that position for much of the war.
Richard III was most likely guilty. The only thing that was in his way were his two nephews, and they "mysteriously" disappeared.
They later found two bodies under the stairs at the Tower of London, but they cannot be confirmed as the nephews.

At the Battle of Bosworth, Henry Tudor had an army of exiles attack Richard III.

Henry Tudor beat RIchard III, making himself king.

Once Henry Tudor became king, he created the House of Tudor.
The House of Tudor was victorious over the House of York at the Battle of Bosworth Field.
Henry Tudor married his cousin that was part of the House of York, uniting the two houses.
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