Blog 2 Jensen Shelby

So to start off our day on Saturday me and Gracen went on a scavenger hunt, in this hunt we found the silo; which before I had never even noticed it or remotely thought it could mean something. So we got there and looked inside and on the floor we saw a plate that said P211.T45 and have ref. cooper, so we followed that clue over to cooper library and there we looked for the book but couldn't find it and then we went up to the front desk and asked about it. The guy knew exactly what we were talking about and was like yes we keep it in the back, let me go get it for you. So then he brings out this book and said we can have it checked out forĀ 2 hours. So we decided to go to a table and do some investigating, there we found that this book had tons of stories, signatures, poems, and all other type of things inside of it.

This book had a lot of rhetoric in them from the people writing poems, to someone writing a scavenger hunt on one of the pagesĀ to so much more. These people are using rhetoric to try and persuade you to either go on the scavenger hunt or to agree with their views on what they wrote in the book. There's just so many different ways this used rhetoric, I mean even the silo itself used it by persuading you to go to cooper and find this book. Then once you saw all the names written it the book that persuaded you to write something in the book. So all this comes together in the end and it's just plain simple... RHETORIC!

I think this silo represents something along with the book, maybe that all of us use rhetoric in our daily lives even if we don't recognize it. Just like if you didn't actually think about rhetoric you probably wouldn't of even noticed that the silo itself and the book used it on you. We go through our lives day by day and don't even realize that everything around us is rhetoric, even us just by saying one thing we could be persuading someone.

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