Katirha Musician & Artist

"Musik ist für mich ein Ort der Entfaltung und der Emotionen. Sie lässt mich Räume kreieren, in denen jede*r etwas für sich finden kann und gibt mir gleichzeitig die Chance, kreativ mein Inneres nach außen zu tragen." - Katirha


At the DIANA AI SONGCONTEST 2021 I had one day to produce a song and musicvideo with AI and a team of muscians who did'nt know each other before.

It was a fun challenge full of new experiences. To work with AI was inspiring and is something I will implement in new productions.


Alleine bin ich stärker als bei dir werde ich schwach doch neben dir geh ich unter wasser krieg ich keine Luft zum Atmen.


Interview zur Single


An ancient memory from another life brought back to earth. SOROSE - That's the first breath after the thought one had to drown.


"Die Felsen sind wie die Ewigkeit alt. Die Ewigkeit selbst. Die Ewigkeit."

This single, written in German and Russian, is like an unexpected meditation. The rhythm brings you into a light trance and the words take you to a landscape of imagination.

твоя дочь

Your Daughter

Migration history and emancipation declaration in one: digitalised VHS tapes of Katirha's family form the basis of the music video, while the sounds are a remix of her first single. What may seem contradictory in the song tells the beginning and the end of the same story.

Black Dress

Enchanting voice and celestial harp? In slowmotion you can listen to a new sound of electronica.

Insider fact: The song is named after Katirha's mom's self-sewn black dress. Yes. It's the one in the video.

Katirha is a Cologne based electronic music producer, who started as piano- and harp-player. Her art is characterised by the abstract, by spherical sound fields and contrasts. She isn't restricted by genre ideas, so look forward to new tunes with every release.

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