Mistakes Happen Isabelle Zona

I thought that the word “friend” meant people by your sides, the people you can trust and go to if you would ever have a problem, but I found out over one winter break, that friends aren’t always the ones you always think they are. They can be evil and cruel, or they can be nice and helpful, but Rose wasn’t the girl I thought she was.

I found that out when me and a few of my friends, Jennifer, Lauren, Anna, and Rose had a sleepover, and we were all having a good time. We were always so close because of gymnastics, but me, Anna, and Rose were super close, while Jennifer and Lauren were close. Nothing seemed like there was a problem, until it all went down hill.

It all started when Rose went to get more snacks and misunderstood something I had said. Later in the night, she saw me log into my Social media, and must have gotten my password. The next day, Anna and I were together, and she asked if I was on Snap chat, because she kept on getting weird stuff from my account. I said no, and that’s when everything really went down. I was trying to figure out who would do it.

When we had gymnastics later in the day, Rose came in and started ranting to me and telling me stories. She was acting really weird. I asked her if she was getting weird snap chats from my account, and she straight out told me that she was doing it. At first, I was in shock, then I thought she was joking, but when I finally thought about it, I remember her sitting next to me on the floor when I typed in my password. We tried getting put in different groups, but Me, Rose, and Anna are all on the same Vault and same bar setting. Rose started calling me names during the 3.5 hours of class, and I was with her for about half the class. She started saying things about me that weren’t true and making lies. After class ended, I went home with Anna, because my mom had texted me saying to go home with her.

I tried to forget about what happened, and enjoy my last few days of vacation, and when we where having a good time, Jennifer and Lauren face timed us. They asked if I was ok because they saw what Rose was doing to me. They told me to forget about it, and that she isn’t worth it. We kept on going to class, and the more times we saw each other over vacation and during gymnastics, the more she carried it on. This caused it to go on longer, and go to school.

I was sick and tired of this drama, so I decided to talk to my friends, and ask them for advice. So many people said to do different things. I eventually listened to Anna’s advice. A few hours later, I went to Rose during locker break, and asked her to stop. “Rose. I never really got why you are doing to this to me. What did I say?” She told me she heard talking, and thought it was about her. I told her it wasn’t about her and it was about me. I explained that I wouldn't say anything about her like that.

Jennifer and Lauren Saw me talking to her when they passed by, and pulled me aside. “Are you forgiving her? Not after what she did to you I hope.” Jennifer said. “Yeah, Jennifer’s right. As much as you should forgive her, don’t. She did the wrong thing, and she has to make it up to you” Lauren explained. “I don’t know.. She said sorry, and she said it was a misunderstanding.” “Well, she could have asked. She didn’t have to bug you.” Jennifer said and walked away. “Don’t forgive her” Lauren whispered in my ear, and walked away to catch up with Jennifer.

During 4th period, we sat together at lunch, and Anna said that I should forgive her because It’s always been the 5 of us and that it would be different with 2 people fighting about one little mistake, someone had made. Anna convinced me that I should forgive her. I went back and forth, asking other people. So many people said different things. I waited so long, and I still didn’t know if I should forgive Rose. I eventually gave in, and forgave her, so that we could enjoy the New Year, and enjoy being friends. I felt bad at first, trying to make up my decision for so long, but I finally made up my mind. My friends help me show that people make mistakes and that you should forgive them. I also learned that I shouldn’t let any kind of Social media get in the way of true friendship.

My whole team together- Including Rose, Ava, Jacqueline, And Lexi

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