MIAN BOND-CARVIN documentary photography : 2017


Dontre Hamilton: Sleeping in a park. Shot 14 times. No charges.
Eric Garner: Selling single cigarettes on the street. Suffocated. No charges.
John Crawford III: Holding toy BB gun for sale in WalMart. Shot. No charges.
Michael Brown: Shoplifting suspect. Walking down the street. Shot in the back. No charges.
Rumain Brison: Reached in his pocket for prescription pill bottle. Shot. No charges.
Sandra Bland: Stopped for traffic violation. Arrested. Found hanging in cell. No charges.
Tamir Rice: Playing in a park with a toy gun. Shot. No charges. He was 12-years-old.

I chose these images to remind us that these seemingly benign locations are where cops murdered Black people; killed them with no repercussions. These seven deaths, and so many others, helped spur the Black Lives Matter movement and encouraged long overdue conversations about race in America. The discourse continues.


This is Margaret. Ten years ago, Margaret was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a chronic neurological disorder. When she’s not at work, Margaret is at home, quite often napping. She cooks and gardens but doesn’t have energy for much else. Margaret is currently experiencing what is called a fibro flare. These are caused by triggers such as weather changes, allergies, over-stimulation, not sleeping well, travel, socializing, over-extending herself, eating certain foods. The list is lengthy. Being in a flare means her memories and thoughts are fuzzier than usual. Her pain is at higher levels. She needs more sleep, quiet and calm. Fibro flares can last anywhere from hours to months. Fortunately, Margaret also has some good days.


Then & Now

Beginning in 1945, there was a period of extraordinary economic growth in America, which produced an appetite for progressive design. This included sculptural biomorphic shapes, simple lines, geometric patterning and atomic starbursts. At the time, it was referred to as contemporary. In the late 1990s, with our affinity for earlier times, we began to refer to it as mid-century modern. The following images are of mid-century modern architecture in Olympia, Washington, as it was and as it is now.

This is Then [Now to come...]

Capital Lake Restrooms : Intersection of Water St & Legion Way : Architect, George Ekvall : 1963
Capitol Savings & Loan : 222 5th Ave E : Architect, Sibold & Nesland : 1963
Dick Lewis Pontiac-Cadillac Dealership : 1100 Plum St : Architect, Bennett & Johnson : 1964
Golden Gavel Motor Motel : 909 Capitol Way S : Architect, Dawley Brothers : 1958
KGY Radio Station : 1240 Washington St NE : Architect, Robert Wohleb : 1960
Med-Arts Building : 1015 W 4th Ave : Architect, G. Stacey Bennett : 1966
Metropolitan Life Insurance : 1006 4th Ave NE : Architect, Kenneth Ripley : 1958
Pritchard Library : 415 15th Ave SW : Architect, Paul Thiry : 1959


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