To My Mom With love

It's seems like just yesterday, when I first saw her in my life. Everything gets so familiar that I had started to take things for granted. She's there when I was young, raising me and my sisters, all by herself. She's there when I went through my childhood and my teens. She's there, and has always been.

When was the last time I hold your hand...

I can still recall all the ups and downs we had been through. She had been working hard day and night just to earn enough for our living and to cover my school necessities. She insisted to send me to school by yourself instead of being picked up by school bus. She had been harsh on me when I wasn't studying hard. She had been harsh on me when I wasn't behaving well. And I knew that all that she ever asked for was just for me to become a better person.

I had my rebellious days where I always thought about heading out instead of staying home, skipping classes, getting myself into troubles and so on. At that point of time, whatever she said was annoying to me. I was trying my best to distance myself away from her. But she never gave up on me, she never did.

There came the time when I left home and moved to other place to further my study. Perhaps the distance between us has gave us the time and space to rebuild our relation, or perhaps it just made thing worse? I wonder... When I started to work, I was assigned with a post in Dubai, and the distance between us has grew even further.

I do not get the chance to go back home often when I was in Dubai. After a year in Dubai, I decided I need to move back home, or at least moved to somewhere closer to her. I ended up working in Singapore and three years have gone by. Sadly, even though the distance between us has been shorten, but I still don't get to go back home as often as I wanted to.

This time, when I went home, I decided to take this opportunity to take some portrait shots of her. For the very first time after so many years, the distance between us has finally been shorten to only one meter. The space between us was separated only by a camera and a roll of film. As I fire the shutter, there's a mix feeling within me. I recalled some of the memories during my childhood where she took picture of me with a camera.

Many things has changed between us. But I believe there are still something that remains unchanged after all these years. The fact that she gave birth of me, the fact that we are mother and son, the fact that no matter what happened we will still be there for each other. I just want to take this opportunity to say "sorry" and "thank you" to my mom. Sorry for everything that I had done wrongly, and thank you for everything that you had done for me.

With Love.

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