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Set This Nation On Fire

There is no doubt that Christianity has declined. In the 21st century we see less Christians - especially among the young people – than centuries before. As believers of Jesus we must share our faith. But that seems to become more of a challenge with every progression of time. As believers we have got to set this nation on fire.

Stay Relevant To Culture

Society is always changing. There is always progress in all areas; there is always something new. All the different parts of humanity tend to keep up to date with the other parts. For example, if technology develops to a new level then business embraces this as does education and other factors. When new changes occur most things adapt and use them. But with the church it seems to not keep up to date. There is too much of the past in the church and not enough new. There are some great people out there sharing the good news of Jesus in a way relevant to society. But as a whole we are not. What is Christianity today is what it was in the past as well. Then it was relevant to that society. Now it needs to be relevant to society today. Jesus remained relevant to the culture he was in and to the people he spoke to just as we need to.

Less Tradition More New

Tradition has taken over in many places. Christianity should not be about tradition. Our traditions just help to reinforce the negative stereotypes. Non-Christians often have a stereotypical view of a Christian and the traditions we repeat over and over again because that is what has happened for years continues to make people think that Christianity is something of the past not the present. When Jesus came he broke tradition. His ways were unconventional to the ways of Jewish religion. He did not spend time on earth conforming to the religion’s traditions but braking away from it. Traditions are great but it has become the image non-believers see when they think of Christians. Christianity is not like other religions; it is a relationship full of faith and love. We should not be showing rules, rituals and traditions but life, hope, and love.

Become Missionaries To Our Country

In order to reach people we need to come away from our church society and become apart to secular society. We need to understand that culture and embrace it. Missionaries going to share the love of Jesus in foreign lands do not turn up and start telling about Jesus in their way. They have to make a connection with the culture, learn the language and understand the people. A missionary has to become a part of the group and be accepted. Then they can try to share about Jesus. Often those trips where many gave their lives to Jesus were when the missionary used parts of the culture to explain about Jesus. They had to find a link and common ground. It is essential to use a part of the culture to tell about Jesus. Those that did not often had less success. When Jesus came he did appear as a divine being and begin to tell about God with heavenly glory and language. Jesus was born as a human. He grew up as a human in human culture. He learnt about humanity and the Jewish religion. He spent about 30 years learning about the culture he was in. When he started to teach he used relevant topics, language and told parables about things that were a part of that culture.

What Would Jesus Do Today?

What does Jesus call us to do? He told us to love and to share our faith in him. We need to return to the raw teaching of Jesus. He came and told it as it was to the most unlikely people. We need to not repeat history’s cases of arguments within a faith. And show the world Jesus as he is. If Jesus came to earth today would he appear as a stereotypical Christian? No. Jesus would be appear as a common, normal man who was special because he hung out with the sinners of this world. As Jesus said it is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick. The believers of this world we know do not need to find Jesus but the unbelievers do. Society views tradition as something old, to be kept in the past. But the truth is our faith is not like that. The world needs to see that it is alive and powerful.

They were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak different languages. The Holy Spirit was giving them the power to do this. - Acts 2:4


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