Dilma Rouseff Brazilian President 2011-2016

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We cannot rest while Brazilians are going hungry, while families are living in the streets, while poor children are abandoned to their own fates and while crack and crack dens rule. - Dilma Rouseff

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Power + Authority: Dilma Rouseff was the president of a Democracy in Brazil.

Empire Building: While serving on the Chair of Brazilian State, Dilma was in charge of the oil resources.

Economics: Dilma dealt with trade, money, and profit while she served as the President of Brazil.

Dilma Rouseff is important because she was the first female president in Brazil. Dilma served as a secretary for a time but left that job to serve on the presidential campaign of Lula. Lula named Dilma the minister of mines and energy. Dilma was later appointed to Chief of Staff under Lula. Dilma was elected in to presidency in 2011. She focused on economic stability, poverty eradication, political reform, tax reform, and job creation. Her foreign policy included human rights, multilateralism, peace, and nonintervention. In Dilma's first year in office, the gross domestic product growth rate had dropped 6.5 percent. During her second term, Brazil's economy was quickly worsening. The people were mad that money was being taken and given back to the Petrobras Officials. They were mad that Dilma had not caught this action and stopped it. The people were so mad that they called for impeachment. She was later impeached for misuse of state bank funds in 2016. Dilma pleaded that she was only doing what other politicians had already done, but in the end, the Senate won out.

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