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Reflections are everywhere in the world. Some Substances or materials that can reflect images are water, mirrors, spoons, metal, tin and lenses.


Rotations are a big impact in our lives today whether its a car tire getting you from your destination and back or having fun with your friends on a fairs wheel to playing basketball and adding backspin to enhance the chances of the ball going in. Backspin on the ball helps the ball bounce forward into the net after coming in contact with the rim or backboard.


An object that if you cut in half or put in line of symmetry will be exactly the same on both sides. Symmetry creates two equal sides that are identical.


When a shape gets bigger or smaller but doesn't change the shape what so ever. When you dilate a shape it doesn't modify the shape other than then size, everything else stays the same.


To move a shape without rotating or flipping it. The shape still looks exactly the same, With the same area, just in a different place.


Created with images by LoggaWiggler - "lüner lake clouds mirroring" • Pexels - "animal avian bird" • eekim - "Clouds Reflecting off a Building" • otakusan555 - "Farris Wheel 2"

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