Sean Geiman geimanburkhardt electric

The ideas that he used was that him and his partner worked for another company when they were younger so they learned how to do the job and they also learned how to operate the buisness by watching how their boss ran his company.

The strategy that they used was one that wasn't listed they just knew that people would need electrical work because almost everything now days uses electricity so they jumped on the idea and began to plan a new electric company.

The challenges they face are that since they are not a ig company that many people haven't heard of they find it hard to get experienced people to work for them because they think that since they aren't a well known company they won't do well. another challenge they face is that they train unexperienced people on how to do the job and when they are done with training they leave the company and go somewhere else so they get more money.

The advantages they gain is that they personally know all of their employees. Another is that they get to pick the jobs they want to take and the ones that don't. They also get to keep the profits.

Their product has helped advance our society by doing the eelectrical work for local buisnesses.

They help the economy advance because they hlp move money with the circular flow of money.

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