Calm Before the Storm

Hello my friends! I hope you've had a good week. I've had a good one. I'm a ittle tired today, but my week was good!

This week we had a foundations class and it was really good. We discussed a lot of about how we relate to others and ourselves. It was a good class.

We had a nice Valentine's Day. We had a nice surprise outside the door when we woke up. We had a nice dinner that evening (with banana splits for dessert!) and played a fun game where people wrote encouraging things to you. I also spoke to dad for quite a while for his birthday!

We also had a coloring session this week. I colored this picture!

This past weekend we went up to Tirana and saw stuff around there. We went to Krujë and learned about Albanian history via a museum tour there. That was really good. Also, I had a really good time with my roommate, Amy. We did a photo booth, hung out most of the time, danced to music in the bus, and learned a couple of Albanian "tongue twisters". The first was Nyë pulë në pyll (If you go to google translate and type in "One chicken in the forest" and listen you get roughly what it sounds like, but they have two "oo" sounds and two "l" sounds and this phrase uses them both). If you want to get really tricky you can add "and saw a star" (pa nyë yll). The second is Gimi himi mbi gomar mbi gomari pa samar and is about some guy and his donkey. Anyway we had lots of fun! The group of us took a gondola up to a hilltop and saw Tirana from the top. It was pretty impressive. If was cloudy when we first went up, but on our way down it all cleared up and we got a great view of Tirana. I also tried Pace Koke which is head soup. I did not like the taste very well, but hey I tried it!

This week we are preparing for our outreach week, which is next week. I will be heading to Shkodra (Shkodër) with either 5 or 7 other students from school. You can be praying for us as we prepare to go!

So, next week there will be no blog post due to being gone. Have a wonderful two weeks!


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