Animal Abuse By LeAira Deck and Taylor Bedwell

Cruelty to animals is animal abuse, that's where humans hit animals for no reason at all

There is really no reason for animal abuse at all. Some animals just get hit for no reason and that should not happen. Some animals that are dangerous should be locked up but not in a bad way. They should be in a place that's for safety for it and for the people it will affect.
There are millions of animals out in this world that are abused and abandoned and left to die alone.

Animal abuse is something that happens all over the world. People get away with hurting animals. They don't look at them and think what did this animal do to deserve this. People just take there anger out on these innocent animals. Why?

How could someone do this to such a nice animal. They just want love the same as we do. So why hurt them if they only want the same thing.

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