Crawford County, Kansas By: Peyton young

Dan Peak
Don Pyle

County Clerk: Don Pyle County Sheriff: Dan Peak. 4 Cities or towns: Walnut, population: 220. Arma, population 1,464. Hepler, population: 132. Pittsburg, population: 20,394

Common Jobs: Police Deparment. Parks and Recreation. Utilities Department

Major Events: 1857 coal was discovered. 1868 the first church was the Catholic Parish 1867 Crawford County was organized on February 13th
E. Haldeman-Julius Famous for creating, writing, and publishing, "Little Blue Books"
Samuel J. Crawford, Governor of Kansas. Crawford County was named after him.
John Laman, main establisher of Crawford County
Famous Landmarks: 1. Pittsburg Public Library 2. PSU Veterans Memorial Amphitheater 3. Crawford County Courthouse-built in mid 1880s 4. Besse Hotel-built in 1926 5. Colonial Fox Theater-built in 1919
Facts: •Pittsburg, and other cities around Pittsburg was made one of the largest coal producers in Kansas. •Harold Bell Wright's novel, "The Printer of Udell," was supposedly set in Crawford County.


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