Aiden meister By thimas b edsall

Lead " why is immigration such a problem for the Democratic Party."

What is this about? It is about how immigration is such a problem for democratic people

Why is this immagration problem affecting the democratic people? "It pits groups with completely material interests against each other"

When was this topic brought to Play," In the fall of 2015 as the presidential caimpain began to heat up ; Hillary Clinton broke with Obama administration over its ongoing deportation of undocumented immigrants."

Who is the person/ people that will cause more say in this argument ,"A comparison of national exit polls from 2008 to 2012 and 2016 shows that is Bannick turn out Drew slightly from 4% of the total bill into thousand and 8 to 10% into thousand and 12 to 11% and 2016 but many gain that might have occurred to Clinton from the increase of imitated by the fact that her margin of victory among Latinos 66% what's 5 points Obama in 2012."

Are immigrants mostly from. Hispanics, and they come illegally or documented.

Author used a why lead, this lead in my Opinon intreagsĀ the reader because he might want to find an answer in the text.

My lead, how does immigration affect democratic people?

The author used a why lead, this lead in my opinion intreags the reader becuase they would want to find an answer

My lead: How does immigration impact democratic people?

The type of lead lead, it is used to make the reader to try to find an answer in my article similar to Thomases lead

My conclusion: I believe that over all this bickering we will definitely find a way to make everyone happy over immigration being via Democrat or Republican.

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