How the World of Work is Changing Globalisation afl by sophie magee 10m

How the World of Work Is Changing ? The work place has changed and looks dramatically different compared to years ago, social technology and environment changes mean the workplaces have changed to adapt to the globalisation Today’s work environment bears hardly any resemblance to that of a few decades ago. Call it a passage of time or a generational shift, there is no denying that right from the process of job hunting to the way the workforce communicates with each other, the differences are plenty and drastic.
Global companies, has released reports depicting a few of these social and technological changes that have transformed the way we work. The research data suggests that while most jobs in the market today didn’t exist 20 years ago, it’s expected that in around a decade’s time, 60% of the jobs will be completely new compared to today’s workforce.
communication has come a long way this last few decades from phones with wire now to wireless phone with internet you can also communicate through different things like computers pads tablets ect
Employment patterns- the type of jobs people are employed in at a certain point in time, This has changed in the last few decades

transport has come a long way there is now huge big cargo ships to hold food , cars , lorries, parts and containers. There is also planes to carry packages ect. trains to carry cargo ect . but years ago they didn't even have all this they had ships but not as big as todays cargo ship trains have improve by getting bigger carriages and faster

what is globalisation? globalisation is the movement people, goods & idea around the world


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