Independent Study Second hour portfolio

Week Twelve

The last week of the trimester is always very stressful, but it is also the beginning of the last trimester of my high school career. Since this is exam week I will be working on a written piece that reflects on my trimester experience.

Week Eleven

A composite that I will be using for my concentration but I wanted to work on this during my extra time as well.

Week Ten

Frozen heart- A portrait in the dead of winter with little emotion and a very dramatic tone. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to this shoot so the quality isn't as high as I had originally planned.

Week Nine

This is the second week that I worked on staff headshots.

Week Eight

This is one of two weeks that I worked on staff headshots. These headshots are located on the team-drive and are completely web ready.

Week Seven

3...2...1… Happy New Year-

Week Six

This is the week that I worked on the construction shots and then edited them the remainder of the week.

Week Four

During this week I assisted with screen printing two out of 5 days. The other 3 days I worked on narrowing down a few of my shoots and finding locations for each individual one.

Week Three

The transition- although we are still in the midst of winter, there is a very defined change. I want to capture this change in a way that many may not see it.

Week Two

For this week I helped Danyelle Beckesh with editing photos for SWWC posters. This took up 3 out of the 5 days in the week and the other two days that I was in class I spend my time working on a darkroom project.

Week One

Week one I spent my week planning out my trimester and getting all of my assignments written out. This was done in google docs and in my written planner. This took me the majority of the week because I had to talk to multiple different people to see when I would be working on different things.

-Trimester Two-

Week Eleven

pie , caramel apples, and butternut squash. I want to capture food in a variety of colors and flavors.

Week Ten

The night after halloween is one often filled with sugar comatose and left over pumpkins on peoples porches, but the night before is a spooktacular adventure. I want to capture halloween.

Week Nine

My favorite part of being inside in the fall is scented candles. Macro shoots

Week Eight

Sweater weather is upon us, and sweaters are my aesthetic. This shoot will be a portrait shoot with a warm setting.

Week Seven (Darkroom)

Food is a large part of fall, and october is cider and donut season. I plan to take photos at a cider mill.

Week Six

As the days get colder, colors begin to change. The photo I want to capture is a still life of fall leaves.

Week Five

When fall Begins, most mornings are cold and crisp. I want my image to capture the feeling you get when you're outside at sunrise.