Bryce Peterson Welcome to my ePORTFOLIO

Hello, I'm Bryce.

Growing up in the small town of Enumclaw, Washington is normally hard for people to find out what they want to do in life. But being introduced to the one true love of my life early in life, the game of Baseball I knew thats aaI wanted for a career whether it's playing, coaching, or owning a sports agency. With baseball being my one true passion in life it wasn't a hard decision to be made. As my talent in the sport continued to rise I realized that maybe someday I would be able to play this game in college and maybe professionally, which led me here at the university of Central Florida where I plan on graduating with a degree in interdisciplinary studies in 2018.

Objectives and Education

My main goal in life is play professional baseball, which you can say is a far reach because the odds of actually making it are extremely low. In the case that I don't achieve this goal I am planning on starting my own sports agency with the help of my areas of study, Commerce (business), health, and a minor in Criminal Justice through my Interdisciplinary studies degree. The biggest part about my areas of study for my goal is my Criminal Justice minor because it will give me the knowledge to open up my legal firm to be able to start hiring agents. Commerce will help me out being good with the money portion my clients, and health will help with the well being of my clients so they preform at their best possible abilities.

The man in uniform

Experience and Volunteer work

I've had plenty amount of experience and volunteer work involving baseball, and other sports as well such as football and basketball which make me well suited to do a lot of things in the sport in which I love. For example, in high school I was a volunteer for a jr. high school baseball team for 3 years as their hitting coach. I also have given many baseball lessons whether it was hitting, pitching or defense I have done it all which proves my knowledge of the sport. Along with coaching baseball I have also coached basketball and football for multiple years as well which makes me a reliable coach as well. And the most important experience I have is that I play division 1 baseball and possibly have the chance to play professional baseball, which proves I know what it takes to play the game.

Hobbies and interests

Other than the sport of baseball I am really interested in any sport especially basketball and football. But other than sports I have a lot of other interests and hobbies such as table tennis, hanging out with friends, hiking, boating, skiing/snowboarding, fishing, and anything outdoors related. Later in life I will be able experience all of these things that I love with my future spouse and children.

Favorite Quote

"There's no talent here, this is an obsession. Talent does not exist,we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that's that. I am not talented, I am obsessed."

-Conor McGregor

I believe that no matter what you do in life the only thing that matters is if you are happy. And the harder you work the more luck will come your way.

If you would like to learn a little more about me here id my cover letter and resume below.

Thank you for taking your time to view this!


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