Meet Mrs. Brand-Sherman! 8th Grade Language Arts - surfers

Hello Surfers! My name is Nicole Brand-Sherman! I'm excited to meet you and guide you through the next phase of the journey into the exciting world of LANGUAGE ARTS! Through close reading and writing, we will expand our thinking and ride the waves of possibilities that are ours for the taking!

Me "photobombing" a random snow family:)

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Norfolk, VA, so I am a city girl with a country girl's heart!

Live Your Dream

I've been blessed with four amazing daughters ranging in age from 17 to 30.

Such beauties!!!

My Favorite Things: Laying back in a chair and devouring a great book at the beach!

Dig in your toes, and settle in for a great read! P.S. It is highly unlikely you will catch me in the water; I'm DEATHLY afraid of sharks!

LISTEN UP...THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! My favorite football team:

I BLEED Black and Gold!!! Of course, no preferential treatment given to Steeler fans ;)

NO Bullying!

In my classroom, individuality is celebrated and not discouraged. Opinions are welcome, and all students are asked to have an open mind so that real learning can take place.

My Educational Background:

I graduated from Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, PA. I hold a BA in Middle School Education grades 4-8 with Majors in both Language Arts and Biology.

My Views on Today's Youth:

Young people, you do not simply hold great potential to lead the next generation! You are capable of using your gifts and talents to make a difference today!

Hopes For This Year:

I hope that we will build an environment of trust and respect!
I hope we are open to being ourselves, and to learning in new and exciting ways!
I hope you all come in ready to DAB your way through Language Arts! Keep an open mind, and hold on for the ride!
Looking forward to 2016-17!
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Nicole Brand-Sherman


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