A Creative "Tidal". Donovan Cook and caleb parsons

Tidal power works like a hydroelectric scheme. Huge dams called barrages are built across rivers. When the tide goes in and out, water flows through tunnels the barrage. The flow turns the turbines and pushes air through a pipe.

The tide moves a huge amount of water twice each day and provides a lot of energy. Tidal power is free once it is built. The barrage requires no fuel and produces no greenhouse gas and waste. Barrages are easy to maintain and tides are predictable

Tidal power is not easy to convert into electrical energy. The barrages can only create energy when the tide is flowing, which is about 10 hours each day. Few rivers are suitable for the size of tidal barrages. The barrages are very expensive to build and these barrages affect the wildlife in negative ways.

Once the expenses are paid and the barrage is built the tidal power is very good at producing free and reliable energy. But there's only 10 hours of power a day and the power is hard to convert into electrical energy and the barrage damages the wildlife. Tidal power is renewable.

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