The Battle of Little Bighorn By JordaN proctor

WHO?: Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Chief Gall, Lame White Man, Two Moon, George A. Custer, Marcus Reno, Frederick Benteen, Myles Keogh, James Calhoun.

WHAT?: Custer was sent to remove the Native Americans from the black hills to try and get gold. Custer didn't like the Natives and he didn't wait for back up, but instead attacked a scout camp. He wasn't expecting all the Natives that did attack him, he and all his men were killed.

WHERE?: The battle happened in Big horn county Montana.

WHEN?: June 25, 1876 – June 26, 1876.

WHY?: The white settlers wanted the Natives to move because the reservation where they were living was right on top of a rich gold supply. They resulted in violence and the Natives won.


Created with images by tonynetone - "Joe Medicine Crow" • Neeta Lind - "Little Big Horn Battle Site by Aaron Huey" • mrkskolz - "Little Big Horn" • Rmonty119 - "little big horn, last stand hill" • Kentuckyguard - "Little Big Horn" • Chuck_893 - "Custer Scouts 1874"

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