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Background Information: Throughout the 1950's and the next decades very few to almost no black teenagers were able to go to schools with whites. Blacks were very upset with the fact that they weren't able to have good education and weren't treated like the Whites. According to Virginia Historical Society, "Very few black Virginians received any education at all until public schools were established during Reconstruction. Public schools in Virginia were segregated from the outset, apparently without much thought or debate. Many whites did not want blacks to become educated, fearing they would challenge white supremacy and not be content with jobs working in the fields or in domestic service. Black schools therefore received far less financial support than did white schools. Black schools had fewer books, worse buildings, and less well paid teachers." (VHS 2017) Especially in big Southern States like Virginia, Blacks just couldn't the same education as the Whites and even if one in a million could they still would be treated poorly.

Blacks Marching for their Rights

Brown Vs Board of Education

Goal: Since Blacks were treated differently than Whites they wanted to have equal rights, so after Oliver Brown got his daughter into college the South blew up in rage. So when she needed protection so a group called the Black Panthers went out to protect her they believed and stood for Immediate end to produce brutality, Employment of African- Americans and a Call for land, housing and justice. When Brown vs Board of Education happened good black lawyers were assigned like Thurgood Marschall and Robert Carter. After the three days of the hearing Marschall said that they had one 5 to 4 or 6 to 3 of the Supreme Courts votes but before they could decide Chief Justice Vincent died. So Eisenhower chose Earl Warren for Chief of Justice.

Involvement: Their were some big names involved in the Brown Vs Board of Education such as Supreme Chief of the court Earl Warren who said "And we unanimously hold that separate but equal has no place in the constitution". Also the group called the Black Panthers were involved to give protection to the few blacks who were strong enough to go to school and go against all the odds. J. Edgar Hoover called the Black Panthers "one of the greatest threats to the nation's internal security". Some more important people were Thurgood Marschall and Robert Carter as they represented Brown and won so that Blacks could have the opportunity to equal rights.

Poster showing Equal rights

Obstacles: Every single Black person that had the capabilities of going to school everyday had to be escorted by armed men to and from school to make sure no harm would be done to the teens who were trying to get education. Also it was said that many times the Black Panthers capabilities as bodyguards were tested as they were at the top of the FBI's list who was run by Hoover, Hoover himself said that there were many blood shedding battles that happened when the Panthers were tested. After the Brown Vs Board of Education many as thousands of students from the North came to the South to come help out with education. Within a month 95% of the students were scared of because the fact that they were so scared of what the Southern White folks would do to them.

Blacks and Whites coming together

Outcome/Impact: People could argue to this day that Whites treat Blacks unfairly and that they should treat them equal but at the end of the day we are all bigger than just one another if we work together that's when we are gonna get somewhere as a country and make a difference, rather than having South and North at each others throats. Equal rights have been made equal and now it isn't even close to what it was back in the 1950's. There has been somethings that has sparked the interest of people around the world such as racial profiling and police brutality and how Blacks seem to be the ones that are targeted, at the end of the day the people who believe in one dominant race aren't gonna get anywhere in life cause that doesn't go like it did in the 50's.

Modern Inequality- I believe the fight for an education in the 50's is best related to Schools providing sports opportunities to the people with disabilities. Schools must give students with disabilities equal opportunities to participate in extracurricular athletics, including varsity sports, the U.S. Department of Education said Friday. And if existing sports don't meet the needs of those students, schools must create additional athletic programs." (CNN, Lendon) There is no reason someone with disabilities should not have the same opportunities as someone without disabilities. It is just like how the Whites thought higher off themselves than the blacks, we cannot as a community think higher of a kid without disabilities just because, they don't meet the expectations of the community.

Disability Gymnastics just because you're disabled doesn't mean you can't do something.

Together quote

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