An Eventful Night By: Maricruz Rodriguez

May 25, 2019 marks one of the greatest days ever, my Quinceñera. Being able to spend such an important day with the most special people in my life was truly a blessing.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family - Anthony Brandt
Mis hermosos padres

This day wouldn’t have been possible without my parents. From the beginning of planning they had said they would only do what they can afford. I told them that as long as I have them and my family by my side my day would be complete.


I can’t thank my friends enough for being part of my court. They took time out of their lives for several month to prepare and accompany me on this special day. I will forever remember our quince practices and all the amazing and crazy memories we made together


On this day my little cousin was also baptized. My aunt, being “extra” as always, had to find the most unique or as she would say most fantastic dress she could find.

When in doubt, dance it out - Unknown

After arriving an hour late to my own party, my court and I nailed the performance. We somehow got every move correct, even though we got distracted half the time during practice.

Surround yourself with people who bring you happiness - Unknown
Friendship is finding people with the same kind of crazy as you - Unknown

I was able to reunite with friends whom I have not seen in so long. Ellie who I have known for many years, was the first to greet me once arriving at the venue. The waterworks, of course, decided to greet me as well.


I will forever remember my quinceñera. A day I dream of reliving once again. I had my family and friends around who have supported me so much. Words can’t explain how thankful I am for all the people that were able to be there with me. Thank you.

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