Protecting Your Privacy Online ANDREW DE LEON (100518293), JAVERIA KHAN (100610576), MUHAMMAD RAJPUT (100488643), ALIA RAMJOHN (100195792), BRIAN SABOE (100495942), MIKKO SEPPALA (100634804)


No matter how long the journey will be; it always begins with a single step. As a small group in this class, we can only do so much and hope it grows into something bigger. Brainstorming with the group, we got the idea that we could start a Facebook group. The Facebook group will link people to our Adobe Spark page, which will include tips for people to better protect their privacy. The Spark page will serve as the center of tips and guidelines, and the Facebook group will be used to connect with the world; to spread awareness about the spark page.


  • Be smart about passwords. Never use the same password twice. (Levin, 2016)
  • Keep your security questions as private as your passwords. (Whitson, 2011)
  • Update your privacy settings. (Levin, 2016)
  • Turn on automatic updates. (Consumer Reports, 2016)
  • Use AdBlock or similar, to block advertisements. (Whitson, 2011)
  • Be careful with personal information. (Moreau, 2016)
  • Watch your bills, make sure your bill is consistent from month to month. (Consumer Reports, 2016)
  • Don't click links in unsolicited emails. (Moreau, 2016)
  • Use HTTPS whenever possible. (Whitson, 2011)
  • Disable GPS and Wi-Fi on your mobile device until you need them. (Lawrence & Rintel, 2013)


In today’s day in age, there is nothing more embarrassing than seeing something meant to be private, posted online for the world to view. As technology advances so do the need for new standards of privacy.

“At the bottom, the elimination of spyware and the preservation of privacy for the consumer are critical goals if the Internet is to remain safe and reliable and credible.” - Cliff Stearns, former US representative (The DGI, n.d.)

The internet has provided a gateway in which information about an individual could be hosted to the world in a matter of seconds. All we know, that once it’s on the internet, it cannot be deleted.

In Canada, “65 per cent of users have never had a privacy policy or terms of use agreement explained to them”. - Nicole Bogart (Bogart, 2014)

The youth, adults and next generations to come must be trained to exercise standards of privacy to not only protect their dignity but also those closest to them. The simple posting of a vulgar image, slander of an individual, or defamation of group could lead to lifelong consequences of threats, terror, and fear. We think, that it's important for us to protect our privacy online because it's so easy for anyone to access our information and to use it for purposes we did not agree to.

When we do online shopping it's important to protect our privacy, otherwise, it will go in the hands of hackers. (IP Ghoster, 2012) The IP address and email address are used to track the information, which can be used for hacker’s advantage. (IP Ghoster, 2012) When you do online shopping, you should choose the websites that are safe and have a good reputation. (IP Ghoster, 2012) One way to avoid the tracking of your IP address is by using a proxy server. (IP Ghoster, 2012) This won’t stop the sites from tracking your behavior, but it will fool them about your IP address and your geographical location. (IP Ghoster, 2012) When a hacker or criminal gets a hold of all your information, it's called an identity theft. (ReputationDefender, 2016) When the hacker gets to know your social security number and makes online transactions in your name, this could result in financial loss and can even damage your reputation online. (IP Ghoster, 2012)

With so many different social media outlets available and in use by each of us, it's easy to lose track of who can access our information. (ReputationDefender, 2016) Therefore, we need to know how to protect ourselves and our contacts and be vigilant, making sure that we are doing all that is possible to prevent the invasion and misuse of our private information. (ReputationDefender, 2016) Privacy is ever so important, and we believe that the tips on this page can help you understand why it’s important to protect yourself and your information.


The tips on this page are very useful to remain anonymous in the online world. Although the use of Tor might be a bit extreme, it nevertheless is a valuable option for those who wish to have their privacy protected.

The Mozilla Organization has always been one to respect the privacy of its users. Its browser, known as “Firefox” has been tailored with both security and privacy in mind. Although Facebook is not their own, they have made useful tips for Facebook users.

Lifehack is a site tailored to making “hacks” so to speak, that enhance or make life easier. The 9 crucial privacy tips detailed on the page are very well detailed for those who are technically incompetent.

iPhone’s are everywhere and thus users are weary about how Apple uses their data. This link has useful tips on securing your iOS device from prying eyes.

Snapchat has become a huge social platform and with that comes a sense of privacy invasion. People have the option to share their stories to the world, sort of like Instagram and even have random people add them if they are in the same vicinity. Follow the tips in this link to make your use of Snapchat safe and private.

Being in touch with friends and working online can be fun and convenient when we know how to stay safe. Being safe online includes staying aware of the scams that can happen, making sure to only open trusted mail, contacting the proper authority wherever possible, opting out of any unnecessary business involving our finances and teaching our children how to stay safe. This link gives you a bit more in-depth information about privacy issues.

Computers and the Internet have become an essential part of everyday life for the average person. This means it is more profitable than ever for thieves to steal your personal information online. Even if you are reading this and know how to safeguard your information, your friends and family may not. Sharing this page with the people you know can help us keep the internet safer. An important thing to note to those who believe they know how to keep their information safe; new ways to scam and fraud people are created every day. This is why if you want to protect your personal information you constantly have to be vigilant. This website gives you a very detailed guide how to protect your privacy. It's a long list by multiple authors, but it's not all text; there's also multiple videos and informative graphics incorporated!


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