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Cause and Effect of meteorological natural disasters

The ground is made from dirt, along with many rocks and minerals. There is water continually seeping in between the mud, rocks and minerals. As this happens, the water slowly erodes the rocks and minerals. Sometimes the water increases to a point where it washes away the underground structure of the land. And when the structure becomes too weak to support the surface of the earth, it collapses and opens up a hole. This is how sinkholes are formed. Humans are also responsible for the making of sinkholes. Activities like drilling, mining, construction, broken water/drain pipes or even heavy traffic can result in small to large sinkholes.

The effects of a sinkhole depends on where and how it was formed. Natural sinkholes can form on land and in the ocean as well. When they are formed on land, they can change the general area and change the streams of the underground water. If they form suddenly in areas with a big population, they can cause a lot of damage to human life and property.

warning signs of sinkholes

Some warning signs of sinkholes are: slumping trees/fence posts, small ponds in areas where water has not been collected before and cracks in walls. Although there’s no accurate way of ever predicting where a sinkhole is going to occur.

Largest sinkhole in the world

appropriate safety procedures for Sinkholes

  • Keep Children Away!
  • Make sure the sinkhole is fenced, roped, or taped very clearly.
  • Check carefully for signs of the sinkhole enlarging
  • DO NOT throw any waste into the sinkhole.
  • Call 000 if this is a life threatening emergency!
Water sinkhole

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