Coding a game What is code and how you MAKE a game?

Hi my name is Mahika and my Genius Hour project is to make a game for second grade science. Second graders will learn from this game in one play! The future is now thanks to science! Anyways let's get to the point about why many of you people are here today. Did you ever wonder how video games are made? The secret to making a game is code. Today you will learn the interesting definition and world of code, examples of amazing programmed websites we use very often, and the standards of second grade science.


Coding is a way to tell computer to do helpful things for us without moving. Most people know that coding can do with computers, IPads, and technology. An example of computers helping us, is that you can just send a text to someone and it will be sent to the other person’s phone in a couple of seconds. Another example is how the programmers process the different information. This means that code is used for communication. The computer has a different language than us, people. The language is shapes and symbols. Code is like a food recipe, you must be exact. This indicates that you must be on point with the patterns, shapes, letters, and symbols. It can be frustrating to code, when you code the wrong thing, but I can also be very interesting to kids.

This is a computer with some code on it's screen.

examples of PROGRAMMING websites

There are many programmed websites and Scratch is one of the many. The other programming websites are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and, Windows live. In addition to that, Scratch is a program that kids can explore, create, and share projects. You can see many games that are real, but made in a different way like Pokemon Go and! To make the game it helps to think a lot . Scratch has many animations or code to change to divergent slides. It is recommended for ages 8-16, but anyone can play it. For example children, scholars, and parents use Scratch. Millions of people are making projects all over the world. You can make anything you want to.

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Watch this to make your own game!

This is what is behind the scenes of making a game!!!

Second Grade Science

Second grade science includes many materials like a scale. Do you know what some second grade science standards are? You could ask a second grader to explain how different parts of a plant work together to make an organism function. Almost any second grader could answer this question. I know this because I was once a second grader and we planted plants in our classroom we learned about their unlike parts. They can explain that living things can only survive when they meet their needs. So anybody would need those things like food Water Shelter and something to keep them warm. They can describe some plants and the animals that once lived on Earth, but cannot be found any more. An example that everyone knows is a dinosaur. They can RE-SPAWN to other creatures. Otherwise known as lizards and birds.

This is what kind of plants they use in their classrooms.

Now you know the second grade science standards, what coding is, and examples of programmed websites. First of all, the app I used was the TINY TAP app. At first I myself noted that I liked to play on the X-Box. Then I decided that I would make a second grade science game. So then after I was done that I made the actual game. Then I played my game knowing all questions and got a 97% on it! (one question wrong) Until, next time!!! Bye! .

Click this button to see some worksheets for second grade science!!!

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