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I live in South London, England so you would have to be within a reasonable travelling distance for my lessons, but I teach photography from my home in Sydenham, at the home of clients, or at a suitable location, usually Central London.

I teach how to use Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance photos and prepare them for printing at home or using a third party printing firm (I tend to use third party firms for my printing) or for uploading on screen for emails, Facebook, Instagram, your website etc.

Send me an email at philippound@yahoo.co.uk for more information.

PHOTOGRAPHY - what do I teach? Well, I don't teach you how your camera works. There are hundreds of cameras out there and they all operate differently. I have 5 Canon cameras and all of them operate in a different way. And if Canon cameras are different you can only imagine how they differ from Fuji, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic. Olympus, Leica, and all the other camera manufacturers out there.

Whooper Swans taking off at Welney WWT in Norfolk

So, to use the camera I expect you to read the instructions for your particular model and understand how it works. You ought to be able to change the settings in the comfort of your own home. If you cannot do that, you are likely to struggle enormously outdoors in the wet, dark and cold.

Light Trails on the River Thames for this view of the Royal Naval College at Greenwich from Island Gardens

I will obviously try to help you but you need to know how to change the ISO, how to change the shutter speed and how to change the aperture. And you will need to know how to change the settings of your camera to Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Programme.

Westminster Bridge London in the snow

So what will I teach you how to do with you camera? Well, it depends on your ability. I teach people at all levels but it basically comes down to teaching how to take a photo that after you pressed the shutter to take the image, looked EXACTLY as you expected it to be - no surprises, pleasant or otherwise. Rather than take a photo and then be pleasantly surprised at how it comes out, you should be able to take a photo that looks like wanted. I will teach you what the various settings do, and how they change the photo. How the photo looks is down to you. It is down to your personal preference.

Westminster Bridge, London

I will teach you about the exposure triangle - the combination of ISO, aperture and shutter speed that gives you the exposure that you want. I will teach you how changing any one of those will affect the exposure, and how it will affect it.

I will teach you about ISO sensor sensitivity and how it impacts photos. I will teach you about apertures and how they affect what is in focus and, Importantly, what is not in focus.

I will teach you about shutter speeds - the minimum shutter speeds for lenses to avoid camera shake, how to use tripods, and how to get intended movement in photos for artistic effect.

I will cover composition. How to make the image look better. And how to crop out bits of images to enhance the photo.

In short. I will give you the skills to get the most out of your camera. In my experience people's cameras are capable of so much more, and people usually are not using their camera to the full.

View of Durham Cathedral from the weir.

But there is so much more. That is just the start. I will also teach you what you want to learn about - using tripods, studio lighting, HDR, composite photos, close up / macro photography, flash lighting, filters, reflections, night photography, hyperfocal distance focusing, specialist lenses, colour balance for screen, gloss and matt printing, histograms and exposing to the right, leading lines, foreground interest, infrared photography, motion blur, resolution for printing and screen, panoramas, Raw, Jpeg, Tif and PSD formats, portrait and landscape etc.

Mute Swan walking on ice at the Welney WWT in Norfolk.

And the big question is what do I charge for this? Well I charge £20 an hour for a minimum of two hours for one person. For two or more people I charge £30 an hour. For tuition at my home I make no additional travel charge. Where I have to travel I make a charge of an hour to cover my travelling time.

Dutch Tall Ship in Greenwich, South London for the Tall Ships' Festival

If you are interested, please send me an email at philippound@yahoo.o.uk with your contact details and I will call you to discuss.

I have been taking photos for a very long time (almost 50 years) and used to take photos with film and used to develop black and white and colour photos. I started out with a cheapish semi automatic Russian Zenith E camera. I now own some very nice cameras and not so nice ones. They all do the job though. And you can get some very good photos using a smart phone.

De Gaulle in the Bath - photo taken during a Royal Photographic Society visit to Cornwall

I have the Licentiateship qualification of the Royal Photographic Society and have won lots of awards for photography and had photos published in newspapers, magazines and books across the world. I can provide references from satisfied pupils. My passion is wildlife photography but, frankly, I take photos of just about anything that moves (or doesn't move for that matter). I do draw the line at boudoir and nude photography. Not really my thing!

So what have you got to lose? Try me out for a two hour session and see what you think. Email at philippound@yahoo.co.uk

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