Bulgaria Europe By, Charlotte ❤️ Bartels

The Locations of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in the Northern and Eastern Heimsphere. Bulgaria is also in Europe, yet it is very close to Asia
Bulgaria boarders Romainia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and it is right next to the Black Sea.

This is the capital city of Bulgaria, also known as Sophia. Sophia's coordinates are 22°E and 35°N.

This is Sophia

Physical Characteristics

A Climagraph for Sophia the capital of Bulgaria
Bulgaria is in the Temparate Zone, as shown in the map.

Bulagraia has many physical features such as mountains and seas

This is a map of Bulgaria's physical features from far away
Bulgaria has the back sea, the Rodope Mountains, and the Balkan Mountains


Bulgaria has a small population and is not crowded. Bulgaria is not growing and is only getting smaller. The fertility rate in Bulgria is 1.48, and in all there is about 7.265 million people in Bulgaria.
The 5 largest cities in Bulgaria are Sofia, Varna, Plovidiv, Burgas, and Ruse.

Bulgaria has most of an urban lifestyle, but in other parts of this country there is more of a rural lifestyle. And yet Bulgaria has a urban lifestyle over all.

More people are leaving Bulgaria and the growth rate is strinking at the rate of -0.6.


Bulgaria is developing because, Bulgaria only makes 14,400 dollars per year, and only has a life expentacy of about 74 years. Bulgaria also only has a literacy rate of 98.4%, and that is still not high enough to have it count as developed. And so in conclusion Bulgaria is a developing country because the GDP per capita, the literacy rate, and the life expentancy all are not developed.


In Bulgaria the main laungages are mostly Russian, 23% English, 12% Italian, 12% Spanish, and 9% French.

In Bulgaria the main religions are Bulgarian orthodoxy Distribution, Islam, Muslim, Other Christianity, and irreligion.

In Bulgaria people like to play many different sports such as Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, and Weight lifting.

In Bulgaria people also enjoy eating several different types of soups such as the ShKembe, the Tarator, annd the Shkembe Chorba. THey also enjoy grilled meat (Kebche), and salads (Shopska Salad).

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