A Droplets Vacation By CeIlia williAms

Bailey and Caleb lived in a small town named soil surface. It was the first day of summer and Bailey was thinking of things to do over vacation.

"We should go to the river." Bailey told Caleb.

"I'll go pack." Caleb said.

Bailey and Caleb packed all their stuff and headed toward the river. The traveled through the dirt of soil surface.

"This is called GROUND WATER FLOW. We're moving slowly towards the river." Bailey said.

They were getting closer and closer to the river. All of a sudden... PLOP! Bailey and Caleb fell into the river.

"We're here!" Said Bailey

They ACCUMULATED down the river and found more droplets. They talked and played games. All of a sudden a big shadow appeared. A tall brown creature with antlers was standing right in front of them.

"Run!" Caleb yelled.

The droplets swam as fast as they could, but Bailey and Caleb got swallowed by the creature.

They were stuck in the creature for 2 days. 1 day the creature spit them out. They were back in the river! They didn't have much time to enjoy the river because they started to rise.

"What's happening?" Caleb asked.

"We're EVAPORATING." Bailey replied

They rose higher and higher until they were in the clouds.

"These clouds are as fluffy as marshmallows" said Bailey.

After a long day they found a hotel to sleep in.

The next day they checked out of the hotel then headed towards the edge of the cloud.

"On three we jump 1..2..3" Bailey said jumping off the cloud.


When they jumped off the cloud they ended up in the river. They spent the day swimming in the river.

They ACCUMULATED down the river and into the lake. The first thing they saw at the lake was the same creature that had swallowed them. The creature was walking towards them.

"Run!!" Bailey yelled.

But it was to late. They had been swallowed a second time.

"Not again!" Caleb said.

3 days later the creature threw up Bailey and Caleb. They were in the river. Right when they got out of the creature, they started to EVAPORATE again. When they got to the clouds they wanted to go to cloud kingdom.

When they got to cloud kingdom a tour guide showed them around.

After the tour they decide to go home. They went to the edge of the cloud then PRECIPITATED down to soil surface. When they reached the soil surface the INFILTRATED into the dirt.

"That was the best vacation ever!"

Created By
Cecilia Williams


Created with images by Pok_Rie - "sunset seascape water motion"

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