! Zeros Town! By Roxana Silva

!Hello! I'm Roxana and I wanted this portfolio to be more personal to me. Sure I'm doing this for a grade but I'm also doing this for myself. So I can come back years later and look at how I've improved in art and as a person. All my work has a story to it from the most complex of stories to the simple "I just like this thing or person". You know funny thing like many other students I wasn't supposed to be in this class, I didn't pick it my counselor picked it for me and I was surprised to see this class on my schedule but I'm kinda glad I stayed in this class.

That's me as a kid with my baptizing dress

My Trip to Mexico!

Last picture is my two Nephews first time at Mexico


These two pictures were taken at a knotts trip with my friend's two of my biggest joys of this world. My friends, and rollercoasters.

All my self portraits

As you can tell I love self portraits. One of the things I love about self portraits is being able to paint myself as however and whoever I want no one can tell me what's my limit and I know myself better then anyone.

Personal Fav Portraits

I love this picture because my dog is truly one of my happiness, and when I took this picture it sure was a trouble taking the perfect shot I thought the idea was very fitting because my dog is chubby and spotted like a cow. What's funnier is that this dog wasn't supposed to be mine she was already bought but the person who paid for her never came to pick her up so we eventually got her. She was also the only spotted dog amongst her brother and sisters.

Although I love all my pictures these three take the cake for favorite portraits.

This picture is my second personal favorite because of the backstory and how fun it was to take. I spent three days making the head piece (saints halo). And the makeup was fun to do as well. I wanted this portrait to show hope because during this tough time I feel like lots of us are hanging onto a thread of hope. Especially with on the on going corona virus I wanted to show others there's hope. I have hope and pray to see my friends soon I have hope and pray that corona leaves soon and stops affecting people and have hope we all make it through the school year. This picture was also made for my grandma because she was a very religious person when she was alive.
This picture was fun yet painful to take. When me and my brother went to take the picture we had thought it was raining at the location but to our surprise it had snowed. My hands and face were numb after these pictures. And sadly the camera doesn't do justice of how gorgeous the place was.

Art work...

Im new to digital art and love jumping into multiple art styles, my art is inspired by pop culture and anime!


These pictures are special to me, especially the one in the middle. That's my brother and I'm incredibly thankful to him he truly inspires me and both my siblings are like best friends to me.
This picture is what inspired the "brand" Zeros Town its one of my favorite pictures because of the editing and all of the small things like tree, pumpkins, and background were handmade I also really love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.
A happy day

The end! Well for now!

Have a nice day!

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Roxana Silva